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Today I’m linking up with Momfessionals and we’re talking about the quirks that make us who we are! Everyone has little things about themselves that make them unique and I love the idea of sharing some of these traits today with everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited to hear if some of us share any of them!

  • I am a “binge reader.” I literally cannot put down a good book and will be up all night reading. I have to legit limit my book reading because it’s such a struggle!
  • My favorite thing is planning. I love planning events/parties/vacations then getting to watch others enjoy them. Nothing fills my heart with joy as much as that!
  • I once worked at a laundry mat
  • I created a mathematical formula in 3rd grade and it was published
  • I’m sort of a Chick-Fil-A play place “mean mom” If your kid is acting crunk and you’re sitting across the entire restaurant I WILL get onto that child!
  • My middle name at birth was Theresa
  • I love a good theme!
  • My front top four teeth are veneers – I had a gap between my top two (referred to as “The Sedgley Split” as it’s very dominate in my family). The gap is SO strong in my genes that even with the veneers is re-opened recently and I had to get the top 4 teeth wired together
  • I like to be completely alone when cooking in the kitchen
  • I poop with the door open
  • I talk extremely fast which makes me very uncomfortable when speaking on the phone so I avoid it as much as possible
  • My absolute favorite topic of conversation is Disney World (second would be #dealz)
  • I have VERY vivid and realistic nightmares on a regular basis
  • I failed my driving test…I couldn’t REGULAR park (I didn’t even make it to the parallel parking portion of the test)
  • All the negative in the world really scares me so I try to block it out because why worry over something you can’t control?
  • I used to have such bad nervous sweat that I used prescription deodorant for several years
  • I wore the same toe ring from age 12 up until I had my foot surgery in 2012 (so 18 years y’all…)
  • I’m a total budget nerd. We have like 10 bank accounts and I have MULTIPLE spreadsheets for different items. I keep track of everything
  • My biggest fear is having alzheimer’s (hence why I’m obsessed with blogging and picture taking)
  • If I could choose a super power I’d just choose the ability to smell
  • My favorite sandwich is creamy peanut butter, raw tuna fish, and honey
  • My biggest parenting pet peeve is when children act entitled
  • Dirty dishes in the sink stress me OUT
  • My favorite feature is my eyes
  • I hate the feeling of finger nails scraping against shoelaces
  • Growing up I wanted to name my future children Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • I had to start shaving in 2nd grade
  • I talk through conversations to myself before having them out loud with others
  • A big fear of mine is showering when no one is home. I’ve legit had to work through it and with prayer (and a good alarm system) it’s gotten WAY better. 
  • I have a MASSIVE head (as in I wear a men’s LARGE hat)
  • I simply cannot resist a good deal
  • People stepping on the back of my shoes drives me nuts and I’ll have to stop myself from smacking them!
  • I cannot stand ketchup. I cannot stand mayo. Yet I love thousand island dressing. 
  • I’m not a big fan of french fries (except from Steak and Shake with cheeeeeeeese)
  • All of my life I’ve dreamed of being a SAHM and am nervous for what I will do with myself when the empty nest day arrives
  • I am extremely indecisive. I prefer to let other’s make decisions and will ask for input from friends and Zach on just about every decision I make (lots of outfit selfies when shopping haha)
  • I love to read books with upcoming movie releases
  • Throughout high school I never wore the same outfit twice in a given school year
  • Growing up I always talked to myself in the bathroom mirror and pretended like there were cameras in the mirrors filming a show about my life (basically whoever made Truman Show stole the idea from my childhood brain)
  • For YEARS I ate an ice cream sundae every single night with several toppings (cinnamon toast crunch, sprinkles, choc syrup, coconut shavings, marshmallows, choc chips…etc)
  • I enjoy putting away my kids laundry, something about hanging everything up is like therapy
  • My nervous habit is picking the skin around my finger nails
  • I pee in the shower
  • I can’t keep junk food in the house. I’m one of “those people” who will eat it if it’s around me, I also struggle turning down free food
  • I wrote a play about The Christmas Story in 4th grade and it was performed every year for several years at our church. I narrated it for many of those years. 
  • My favorite lotion is cheap Cocoa Butter 
  • I ADORE my kids but I don’t like “kid talk” on Girl’s Nights Out
  • I get up and fully ready for the day before the kids wake up and then I stay in those same clothes all day. Even if I take a nap. (I’m not one of those moms who change into pjs when I get home)
  • My least favorite personality type are people who talk constantly about themselves
  • I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since age 19 (even if my IG Stories make me seem drunk haha we just have fun!)
  • I do not like cruises
  • I am a “woo” girl and don’t mind admitting it!
  • I believe in unicorns. As a girl every time I’d toss a coin into a fountain my wish would be for unicorns to be real
  • I don’t do well alone in public places at night…I have a good bit of anxiety about having my children out and about as well
  • My favorite food is Jif Creamy Peanut Butter
  • I can’t ever shut off my brain. When people say they aren’t thinking anything? Yeah, I’m always thinking at least 3 things at once
  • I pee in pools and oceans and lakes and just any body of water (except bathtubs)
  • I have to chew things equally on each side of my mouth
  • I can’t recognize my children’s cries. Whenever a baby cries I always ask “is it mine?”
  • I don’t find bald men attractive. When I was dating in college I’d always make sure the guy had good hair genes (so thankful Zach does!)
  • I best communicate through writing (love me some text messaging)
  • I love organization yet have the messiest desk that I just can’t ever seem to keep tidy
  • I had a job for 1 day at a Dip N Dots counter (at Mall of Georgia). I quit when I learned I wasn’t allowed to eat any samples
  • My biggest area of insecurity is my arms
  • My favorite animals are frogs. I love that they get to swim in the water and live on land
  • I am a very “matchy matchy” person and envy those who can put things together that don’t obviously go together but then look awesome
  • Growing up my dad had a lot of knick-knacks so I am very simplistic in my decor
  • I only drink after I’m completely done eating. I don’t sip and eat!
  • I can dish it out but I can’t take it
  • If I could live anywhere in the world it’d be Hawaii

There you have it! I could keep adding more but I have to stop at some point haha I guess I’m a “quirky” person ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


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