Putt Putt Disney Style!

When we decided to have Kye’s birthday at Disney rather than throwing him a themed birthday party like we typically do, I went through and worked out the budget for what I’d normally spend on his party. I also worked out his birthday gift budget and had majority of that set aside for the trip. We took him shopping at Downtown Disney and spent most of the gift budget that day, but did have JUST enough left over to pay for our special birthday surprise activity! Putt-Putt!!!

Kye really enjoys golfing and I thought it’d be a special treat to try out one of the Disney putt-putt courses. 

I called in advance and discussed with a cast member which course would be best suited for our crew and they recommended the Winter Summerland course. It didn’t open until 10 so we took our time finishing up at Chef Mickey and then told Kye the news that we weren’t going back to the condo and were instead going putt-putt. He was SUPER pumped! Like jumped up and down excited πŸ™‚ It was actually very chilly that day so we changed at Chef Mickey into warmer clothes and headed out! 

Told you he was pumped!

The whole course was Christmas themed. I’m not really into the whole “Florida Santa” thing but rolled with it! It was all done VERY well and was probably the coolest putt-putt course I’ve ever been to!

First hole…hole in one for Mama πŸ˜‰ SKILLS!

Britt was able to play for free due to being under 3 years old…I’m def glad we didn’t have to pay for her b/c she is just not the golf enthusiast her brother has always been haha

Made it in two shots!

Hole in one!

Whenever Britt was interested in playing some we totally encouraged it, but we never forced her to play either. She was content watching (and running around) which was fine! At least she was HAPPY which was a HUGE step up from last time we took her putt-putt! 

I LOVE this!!! They are such twins πŸ™‚

Kye is super serious about his golf πŸ˜‰

So is his daddy!

Tricky hole where you had to make it in the sand castle…

and he makes it!

Our man Donald!

Pretty awesome birthday huh? πŸ™‚

I loved how every hole was so different yet still stuck to the theme. Each one had a new element to it that made it fun and interesting and it was all even entertaining enough to keep Britt occupied!

Made it in the tube!

Even G-Mama got a hole in one!

Kye’s turn for his hole in one!!!

Hole in ones are not only awesome but they also make things go a little quicker which helps when you have a two year old with you who wants to climb up the Christmas tree to touch the ornaments…

We all seriously had a BLAST! If you are in the Disney area I HIGHLY recommend taking some time for some putt-putt fun. It was a really great experience and was something I am sure we will be doing again in the future. It was the perfect thing to do that morning as it’s something Kye loves and something we could all enjoy together!

Since it was his birthday the cast member working there surprised Kye with a special Donald Duck golf ball! So sweet!


And I got beat by a 5 year old…my hole in one pics made you think I had skills huh? πŸ˜‰

Proud of his great score!

Once we got back to the room I started making lunch and let the kids open their prizes for the day!

G-Mama also got them each a prize…Captain Hook for Kye

along with a birthday pin for his lanyard! Randomly they had it at the putt putt course!!!
I love his excitement and how happy she is watching him πŸ™‚

They even had a first visit pin at the putt putt course too! I guess it’s a good place to get some pins πŸ˜‰

Mickey sandwiches for lunch!

Reading a book before naps (G-Mama also got Britt a Mirada stuffed animal which she LOVES)

After naps we played outside for awhile. The condo had a nice yard and the kids and I played “red light green light” and just enjoyed the sunshine. It was still cool but not freezing or anything and it was very relaxing. Some of the neighbors came back from the pool and instantly our kids begged to get to go. It wasn’t that warm but we had some time to kill so we went down to the pool for a bit. The pool at Regal Palms IS heated. But it still wasn’t warm enough for any of the adults to dare getting in it!!! Kye had a blast on the slide and even Britt went in a little bit before she started turning purple (child has ZERO body fat!). We only stayed for about 30 min but they had fun so it was worth it!

Kye starfishing and Britt watching πŸ™‚

One more Disney post to come…and we finished the trip with a BANG! 

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