Pumpkin Patch Family Night

Every October we go on an Aflac trip (or sometimes even two!) so getting a pumpkin and carving it is always tricky. Last year we got our pumpkin and carved it early…which was a BIG mistake! That poor pumpkin was molded and covered in flies before Halloween even had a chance to arrive. This time around we decided to get our pumpkin early, but wait to carve it until the very last minute.

We always go to the pumpkin patch on Patterson Road at Park Avenue Methodist. It’s not the prettiest surroundings (busy road = not very harvesty feel for pics) but they have a great selection and it’s on our way to so many things that we can go from there to church or out to eat or whatever!

This is a picture from Kye’s first year at the pumpkin patch (I do not miss that bald head poor kid haha) and here’s the blog entry about it 🙂

 This is my favorite picture from last year’s trip and also here is the blog entry about it!

This year started out like last year, Kye raced for the pumpkins and started trying to lift all the big ones and rearrange the ones he could actually pick up. It’s nice that they are all so laid back there because they didn’t mind a little re-organizing of their pumpkins 😉

trying to lift it

trying another way

“what is wrong with this pumpkin Mommy?”

on the hunt for our pumpkin

my FAVORITE picture of the day!

I love that he’s at an age where he finally smiles on demand 🙂

I’m wearing my Stella and Dot Amanda Necklace

Zach was being so sweet taking lots of pictures of Kye and I to make sure we got a good one together!

this cracks me up! LOVE IT!

such a big boy now isn’t he?

Kye made a friend right away (one of the older boys who was helping run the patch) and was all excited to play the games they had set up. He could have stayed there all day if we let him!

Zach wanted to pick out some cool pumpkins for our front porch

Kye wanted this one 🙂

Once we picked out all our pumpkins we loaded them into a wagon and Kye took over pulling it. I’ve said it before…our kid has some super human strength for his age!!! He took the wagon the whole way to our car all on his own!

workin’ hard

Kye got to have a little pumpkin as “his pumpkin” and this is the one he picked

After the pumpkin patch we decided to have a family night out. We rarely get to do fun things with just the three of us lately. Zach has been working like crazy and when he’s not working he’s trying to finish up the storage shed so all his free time is basically work too! It’s wonderful that Kye and I have had so many memory making moments, but I want the THREE of us to have lots of fun together before Blitzen arrives too! We ended up going to eat at Slap Daddy’s. Which is random but it was the Lowndes/Valdosta game that night and we wanted to go somewhere that we could get in and out pretty easily and quickly before the game crowds hit!

Kye enjoyed his “healthy” meal of fries and burger

After dinner I really wanted the guys to get to try The Mix. I have only gotten to go there once and totally wanted to go again so it worked out well that it’s in the same parking lot as Slap Daddy’s! We let Kye get a little ice cream and he was just thrilled about the sprinkles on top!

Zach loved it too which I knew he would!

a smaller portion than I usually get 😉

he finished every last drop

he takes after his mama with his ice cream loving!

It was a VERY fun night and I enjoy spending family time together! I’m hopeful that things around the house will get finished up soon so we can have a lot more of these type evenings 🙂


  1. Stephanie
    November 1, 2011 / 12:35 pm

    that baby picture is the best! i love that little onion head…as you know, christian has one! and i think it's so cute!

  2. emilysparker
    November 5, 2011 / 2:18 am

    his is MUCH cuter than kye's was 😉 i thought kye was adorable during that time…but now looking back he's just so much cuter now 🙂

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