Proper way to Address Envelopes

I know this is a RANDOM post! I’m organizing my new desk area and finding all sorts of random things. One of which I want to be able to refer back to when needed, and think everyone needs to know about. I’m kinda hardcore when it comes to etiquette. My go-to book while I was engaged was The Bride’s Book of Etiquette. If you’re engaged, it’s a MUST read. When I went to address my wedding invites I put together a (typed, of course) list of how to address invitations and I refer back to it when addressing birthday invitations, thank yous, and Christmas cards. I know this may sound dumb but it’s a pet-peeve of mine to have things addressed properly and it bothers me when I get mail, especially wedding invites, addressed wrong. Am I OCD or whhhhat?

Anyways, not that any of you really care but here’s the list I use when addressing things:

*You should never abbreviate anything! Not states, streets, 2nd, etc. (and you spell Blvd: b-o-u-l-e-v-a-r-d haha)

Outer Envelopes

Married Couple – Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Married, Woman kept name – Ms. Jane Collins and Mr. John Smith
Widow – Mrs. John Smith
Divorced Woman – Ms. Jane Smith (or maiden name if she went back to it)
Married Doctors – The Doctors Smith
Husband is Doctor – Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith
Wife is Doctor – Dr. Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith
Living Together/Gay – Robin Smith
                                 Matthew Long (two separate lines)
Single Woman – After age 21 Ms. Jane Smith
Single Man – After age 18 Mr. John Smith
Siblings living together – Mr. Authur Reed
                                   Ms. Kelly Reed (2 lines)
And guest – You should only put the actual invitees name on the outer envelope
Professor – Professor Cathy Lynn

No children names should be on the outer envelop at all!

Inner Envelope

Married Couple – Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Children – List under the parents in order of age. May list by rules alone (see below for rules) or just first names such as: Jonathan, Susie, Sabrina
Girls – Miss Amanda Smith (until age 13 then just use Miss Smith)
Boys – Master Tom Smith (until age 13 then just Tom Smith)
Single Woman – After age 21 Ms. Ashley Smith
Single Man – After age 18 Mr. Ted Smith
And Guest – Ms. Jane Smith and Guest
Unmarried – Mr. Adams and Ms. Moore (alphabetical order)
Professor – Professor Lynn

How to Insert Invitation in Envelope

1. Layer enclosures on top of the invitation in order of size, with the largest enclosure nearest the invitations. Place enclosures “writing-side up.”
2. Enclosures with accompanying envelopes, like RSVP response cards, should be tucked under the flap on the envelope so that the triangle covers part of the writing on the card.
3. Pick up the pile in one hand. Now, pick up the inner envelope in your other hand. Stuff the pile into the envelope with the first fold of the invitation at the bottom of the inner envelope, and with the writing on the invitation facing the back of the inner envelope. 
4. Put the inner envelope in one hand and turn it over so the writing is face you. Stuff the inner envelope into the outer envelope with the bottom of the inner envelope to the bottom of the outer envelope and the front of the inner envelope facing the outer envelope.

Didcha learn anything? 🙂 I’m mostly just posting this so I can reference it when needed (like in a couple weeks when I go to address Kye’s birthday invites!!!). Obviously if there is not an inner-outer envelope situation you should use the rules for the outer but include children’s names as described for the inner. Got it?

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