Preview of Summer

It seems like it’s been cold here FOREVER!!! On the one hand it’s nice because it’ll be 100 degrees everyday before we know it. On the other hand though,  I spent good money and went through the pain of going to the tanning bed for Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding so I don’t want to lose what I worked so hard for! Last Friday (yes, I’m getting closer to being caught up!) it was the first true PRETTY day we’ve had since last summer! It was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

I decided to lay out during Kye’s afternoon nap (as was my laying out schedule last summer too!) but of course Kye decided to have a tough time during that nap and I ended up getting up and down a thousand times. So annoying! Since he took up my time I decided that once he was up for good that I’d take up his time sorta-speak. 

It was super exciting to put him in SHORTS for the first time in forever! It was even more exciting to lather him up with sunscreen and not have to be worried about it since he’s for sure old enough for it now! I especially love how the sunscreen kinda acted as a hair gel…his hair laid down great and looked pretty cute!

I brought him out his Tonka truck and let him “run” around the back yard while I continued to lay out. It was GREAT! He had a blast and I got some sun 🙂 AND I was entertained which was great as laying out is soooo boring. I don’t think the dogs really liked it though b/c when I lay out they lay in between my legs on the chair and Kye wasn’t having much of that. haha.

playing with his truck

So Kye got to have some fun outside and I got to enjoy watching him and enjoy some “me” time! It really gave me a preview to what this summer will be like 😉 We bought him a sandbox as well as a water table plus I’m looking into getting a pop-up pool (any suggestions?!?) so he should have plenty of entertainment in the backyard! 

Even with out much “entertainment” he was very entertained! He loved just crawling back and forth from the back door up on the chair with me. I’m just glad the dogs don’t poop near the house as I didn’t have to worry about a poop covered kid!

he did venture back to the fence some too

don’t you just LOVE a boy in some plaid shorts? Love ’em!!!

This BEAUTIFUL spring day gave me a glimpse of what I hope this summer will be like! I especially got excited when Kye got a hold of my spray bottle (yes, I’m red-neck. I lay out on a lounge chair in my backyard and spray myself down with a spray bottle…tell my husband we NEED a pool!) and figured out how to use it! Now if I can just teach him to spray me down when I get hot I’ll have myself a little “pool boy” haha

I’m BIG about protecting my face from the sun and when Nana passed away I took all of her sun hats that I could! She worshiped the sun so I think of her every time I lay out anyway but getting to wear something of hers makes it even better! Kye can rock a sun hat too 😉 Us Parkers are READY for summer!!!

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  1. Crissy Megow
    March 26, 2010 / 1:52 am

    we plan on getting a pop up kind of pool too, I am still debating on which one, I will let you know what we find 🙂

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