Pre-Disney Day

When I looked into going on our trip I consulted Touring Plans and chose a low crowd level day. It ended up being a Sunday which surprised me. Typically the lowest crowds are mid-week! Since it was a Sunday we booked a hotel room for Saturday night and Sunday night. We decided to leave first thing Saturday morning. Take our time and enjoy the day! 

First stop: G-Mama’s to drop off Tess ๐Ÿ™‚

On our way we stopped at Moe’s to eat lunch. Def got my mexican fix!

On our way down Mrs. Charlotte let me know that Courtney had to go to the emergency room. I felt SO guilty that she had to worry about Tess when she was also worried about Courtney. Courtney has lupus and has to take a lot of medication. She doesn’t act “sick” so it’s easy to forget that she has so much health stuff going on! I had a BAD feeling for some reason this time when she went to the hospital but was so glad everything worked out okay. Casey, Jordan and Mr. Rusty all took such great care of Tess so Mrs. Charlotte could be with her baby girl!!! I still felt so bad but like I told Mr. Rusty that night on the phone, I’m glad it all happened after we had already left. If we had been there still then we probably wouldn’t have gone and poor Kye and Britt would have been so upset! So thankful everything is okay and especially thankful for everyone who helped take care of Tess for us during that crazy day!

In a last minute decision I made us reservations at T-Rex. We’ve never eaten there before but have gone through it when Kye built his dinosaur for his birthday last year. We are kinda over Rainforest Cafe and thought it’d be a fun thing to try. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I made a reservation at a random time (2:30) and we planned to just get a big dessert to share. It was SUCH a great idea! First of all, desserts are expensive so we rarely ever get them. Second of all, these type restaurants are so over priced for their food. This way we were able to have the experience of the restaurant for a cheaper cost than a full meal and we got to enjoy a special treat that we wouldn’t ever normally get to try! I was a little embarrassed being seated and then just ordering a dessert but the waiter didn’t seem like it was a big deal at all. I can for sure see us doing this again in the future! 

I do have to say if you are traveling to Disney anytime soon…avoid Downtown Disney. I usually LOVE IT but with all the construction it was a MESS and a mega crowded mess at that! It was hard to enjoy it when it was so congested.

Rebel ๐Ÿ˜‰

I showed both kids plenty of You Tube videos of the restaurant prior to us going. I really wasn’t concerned about it. Britt LOVES to be LOUD and can roar better than most dinosaurs probably could. I really thought she’d think it was fun. Um. WRONG. It was a lot louder in person than I had anticipated. It’s a darker restaurant and the dinosaurs are pretty intimidating and it’s a crazy environment. Tons of people and tons of stuff going on. It’s just a LOT thrown at you when you walk in. She was very afraid. Like shaking. And I felt SO BAD. Kye was happy as could be and I was just thankful we got seated at a table where I was able to have her face away from most of the activity in the room. We went potty and I helped talk to her about it all and calm her down. I was also thankful we were seated right next to a “baby elephant.” She LOVED him and he didn’t scare her. So we talked to him a lot

Our Friend ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Classic Britt face

Kye is at a GREAT age for going out to eat because he can do all the kid’s menu activities and really enjoys them!

We ordered a MASSIVE volcano cake sundae thing. It was SO cool and SO yummy. We all four pigged out and couldn’t finish it!

I took Britt to look at the big fish tanks and she really liked seeing them. I was hoping to trade off with Zach and take Kye around to check out everything too but we didn’t communicate that well so when Britt and I got back, Zach was ready to leave. I went to pump and he took the kids to the Lego store to play. Another heads up…it’s also under construction right now and the big play room area isn’t opened. I did my thing and found them working on some Lego stuff.

She just wanted to touch Woody!

Can you tell she didn’t get a nap?

There is a HUGE Pin Trader store at Downtown Disney so I wanted to take the kids to go ahead and pick out their pins for the trip. This is something I’d like to start doing rather than having them spend park time to pick out their pins. We weren’t as rushed and really had the chance to look around and pick “the coolest” ones for them ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This girl LOVES some Donald!

Kye got a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pin since he and Zach rode it last time and loved it. Kye is really into the “ride pins” and loves that they move!

Britt picked out a cute Minnie Mouse (the one with the flower in her hair, bottom left)

I booked a cheap-cheap hotel and it had a GREAT location. We were minutes from the park! Unfortunately, it was also in some mysterious bad part of town that I totally didn’t know existed. Zach went to the store to get some essentials and also picked up pizza for dinner and he said he was SO glad I didn’t go alone. It was a ROUGH area of town. We for sure won’t be staying there again. But it worked for our needs! 

I loved getting updates on Tess…she had a great day! Isn’t Jordan THE sweetest?

Sweet cousins playing together!

The kids shared a room that night (which, if you can’t tell, has become our new travel norm). My goal was to have them in the bed by 6:00. As a special treat they were allowed to sleep with all the friends they brought on the trip. Kye was SO pumped about it. While we waited for Zach they had fun jumping on the beds!

After all the work the poor guy went through to get it…it was terrible pizza. We usually LOVE Little Ceasars but this was awful

Little more jumping before bed!

Zach and I watched some How I Met Your Mother
and then also went to sleep as early as we could. I always have a hard time sleeping before a Disney Day. I just get SO excited ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a pretty high chance of rain so I was nervous about that too! 

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