Pre-Christmas Christmas

Every year Zach and I go away on a Christmas trip to exchange our gifts. We keep one or two to open for each other at the other two Christmases (his parents and my mom’s) but we open most of them on our trip. I really like this tradition as it keeps us focused on each other during a time of year that’s SO easy to get really wrapped up in the kids, all the gatherings, and the long to-do lists. I think it’s nice that we take time out just to be together and that we exchange our gifts just the two of us. I hope it’s something we continue to do as Kye grows older!!!

Here’s our little tree with our gifts

we always wrap our gifts very pretty…here’s Zach with his

and me with mine 🙂

we opened gifts Saturday morning and it was so fun! Here’s some highlights of the morning and some of the great gifts we got for each other!

Zach started me on a Lenox Christmas Collection!

FINALLY a new Coach wallet, I needed one!

wearing his new robe

a brown pearl bracelet to match my push present set

his new peacoat

and my new diamond earrings!!! I LOVE them!


Zach with all his gifts I got for him

and me with all of mine

We just took our time opening gifts and enjoying the morning together! After our busy day movie watching and pizza eating we had a fun Christmas night in just watching X-Files (I got Zach ALL the seasons a couple years ago and we’re still only on Season 3!) and drinking hot chocolate!


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