Pizza Night!

After the pool, I took Britt up to the room and got her down for her 3:30 nap. The boys came up pretty soon after that as they were worn out from swimming like crazy! Kye was beyond exhausted and we thought he might take a little late nap. He said he wanted to but then went into his tent and didn’t actually nap but played instead. Since we didn’t want him to mess up Britt with her nap we thought we’d try out his first time with headphones!

He wanted to wear his new zoo shirt

watching a movie on the laptop

It worked GREAT!

Although it was hilarious when he would try to whisper to talk to us and end up being mega loud 😉

Britt’s nap gave me a chance to get ready for dinner as well as pump for the feeding I’d be missing at 5:00. When it came time to get Kye ready he was too wrapped up in his movie…Zach just changed him around it 😉

When I woke Britt up to get her dressed I realized the dress she was wearing that night still had the bloomers attached! Wouldn’t be that funny except she had worn that same dress to church already!!! Girl’s clothes are much trickier than boys clothes for sure!!!

When I planned out the weekend I knew we’d want something family friendly for dinner that night and thought pizza would be a good choice as it’s inexpensive and Kye loves it. I found a pizza place very close to our hotel and it was a locals type place (Joseph’s Pizza) which we typically love!

A few pics of Britt with Mommy before attempting the bottle…

Her facial expressions are pretty priceless

You can tell what she loves the most about me 😉

I love how she’s smiling at me!

Again, it was a bottle struggle. We got there at 5:00. She didn’t finish her bottle until 6:45. Yeah. It was roughhhhh. We learned that day that she will drink the first two ounces without an issue then it’s a battle zone the rest of the time. I tried at first and got lucky with the first two ounces…then I stopped her to burp her (we have now STOPPED stopping her at all with the bottle as if you stop she may never start back!). She wouldn’t drink it. At all. Zach took over and got lucky for a bit!

It was the first time Britt had been out to a restaurant!

So sweet how she’s holding his finger

Wearing her bracelet for the first time (I ALWAYS forget about it…)

On top of Britt not taking to the bottle well, the service was also slow there. Thankfully, Kye is a-mazing. He was so patient and did so well. I’m SO glad we were there so early as he wasn’t very hungry (we typically eat at 6) so he didn’t complain about that. They did not have any milk there though. I ALWAYS pack milk but have found that places also always have it so I thought I’d make travel easier and not bring any with us. He’s never not had milk at a meal but what could we do?!?! They had some apple juice so I did a touch of that with water and told him it was special pizza juice (we do NOT do juice ever so it worked with keeping his mind off the milk). I may not have packed milk but I did bring some choo-choos and they really helped keep him busy!

At least the wine list is good for something!

I ordered a pesto chicken pizza and ate the ENTIRE thing (minus one piece) by myself!

My pics were all grainy…I think I was still on the action/outdoor setting from the zoo!

Notice her bottle…I got that girl to finish it! It only took me walking around with her, patting, shhing, rocking, and basically begging!

Kye behaved so beautifully and we were so excited that she actually finished the bottle that we celebrated with desserts! Kye wanted a cookie and Zach and I shared a piece of mega yummy cake. Our original goal was to be back at the room by 6:30 for her next nap but she took so long that it didn’t happen. We ended up getting back at 7 but the desserts were worth it 😉

Our first time out to dinner as a family of four!

The second night went WAY more smoothly than the first night. Zach realized he had forgot a cord so we’d be able to watch The Office so he ran to Walmart to get it and went ahead and filled the car up for the ride home. I pumped and we watched a couple episodes before falling asleep. Kye and Britt both slept wonderfully and Kye fell RIGHT to sleep with no issues at all. I’m pretty sure all the fun and excitement wore him OUT!

We did pretty much all the packing up that night and I got up early the next morning to get ready and finish up all the rest of the packing. The guys loaded it all while I nursed and Britt and I met them at breakfast again to fuel up before we hit the road. We were home by Britt’s 10:30 feeding! It was a SHORT trip but SO fun!!! Seriously! 

I told Zach when we got home that MOST people would never go through all that trouble. ALL the packing, the planning, the sometimes stressfulness. Just for a one day trip. But, to me, it’s worth it. I LOVED getting away and needed it SO badly. I also loved that our little family made wonderful memories together. To me, that’s what life is all about!

She survived her first travel experience like a champ!

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    March 8, 2012 / 2:51 pm

    It IS obvious why she likes you.  LOL  Gimme dat!

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