Pinterest and Ice Cream in a Bag

I was SUPER hesitant to join the big Pinterest trend. I resisted for a pretty long time. I spend enough time online between writing this blog, reading other people’s blogs, Facebook and replying to messages and emails. I don’t need another internet addiction to suck me in! I did eventually join but I typically only use it for what I think (?) it was originally created for…I pin stuff in order to reference back to it later. It’s SO much easier than emailing myself a bunch of links to remember ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If you noticed I added a “follow me on Pinterest” button on my blog. I also started a board titled after my blog. I’ve been getting a lot more emails with questions from readers (which I truly do love!) and I started this as a way for me to easily find the most asked about posts, items I own, recipes, etc. As I answer questions I’m going to “pin” the things I have to look up for them so I can easily find them next time! Hopefully this board will also help some of you to find things easier from my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ With over 1,100 posts I know it can be tough to search back for things! If there are any questions you may have feel free to contact me or if there are certain posts you’d like me to pin let me know that as well ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Speaking of Pinterest…I don’t really like to pin stuff unless I actually plan to DO IT. I try to check every pin I see to go back to it’s original source and make sure there are instructions and such to follow (I can’t STAND it when someone pins a picture that leads to nothing or that is SPAM, so annoying!). Often times I go ahead and print out whatever the thing is and don’t even repin it! That was the case with this. I happened to see a pin for making ice cream in a bag. When I read the instructions I realized I had everything we needed! What a fun family activity!

Simple Ingredients, Simple Instructions…my kind of project!

I lucked out with the half and half…I happened to have it from the breakfast casserole muffins at Robyn’s shower!)

Kye reading over the instructions

You can find them here!

Daddy and Brittlynn were the pros at shaking the bag

We made two of them and the three of us shared!

All you do is mix up the ingredients in the small bag then put the smaller bag in the big bag with ice and salt and SHAKE IT! Zach enjoyed the work out ๐Ÿ™‚

And we enjoyed watching ๐Ÿ™‚

Finished product!

Kye was SO PROUD!

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this…but Kye’s favorite color is PINK. Seriously. (You know Daddy loves it…). He wanted pink sprinkles and a pink bowl, of course!

First taste!

Daddy ate straight from the bag for easy clean-up

It melted quickly but Kye didn’t mind drinking it straight from the bowl!

Brittlynn enjoyed our family time outside

Finishing it off

High-Fives for Ice Cream!

The ice cream was SO GOOD. Zach and I got mega pumped about it because we’re trying to count calories and figured it had to be lower than the ice cream we eat (which is 100 cal for 1/2 cup plain chocolate frozen yogurt from Publix!). We were all excited to look it up and it was CRAZY HIGH. I guess half and half is super high in calories. I’m talking the small servings we had were over 300 calories. Oops. Guess we cheated that day! Since it did end up being so crazy high in calories…I did not buy more half and half at the store. I still think this is a super fun (and yummy!) activity to do, it’s just not one we’ll be doing super often ๐Ÿ™‚

I really love fun, quick, easy things to do together as a family! This was the perfect summer treat and I’m enjoying looking for other fun stuff for us to do!

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