Picking out our Christmas Tree

Since we knew Blitzen would arrive sometime before Christmas our plan has always been to get our Christmas tree early. There are some things I want to WAIT for the baby to do (visit Santa, order Christmas cards, etc) but some things just seem silly to mess with when you have a newborn. Cutting down and decorating the tree is one of them. I wanted to have our house ALL ready for Christmas before welcoming Blitzen into the world so when he or she gets here we can all enjoy it together as a family!

I called Hambricks on Friday Nov 18th to see when they would be opening. I knew they opened on the day after Thanksgiving and I was trying to get situation and scheduled. When I called they said they’ve had so many requests to open earlier this year that they decided to open up on Sat the 19th!!! I talked to Zach and he agreed, why not go ahead and get it?!?!

That morning we had some family time at the character breakfast and after Kye’s nap we headed out to Hambrick’s tree farm. This is a yearly tradition for us and we LOVE it! Here’s the post from Kye’s first year and here’s the post from last year! We were SO early in the season that literally there we no trees cut down. We even interrupted the family filming their commercial – oops!

I thought Kye would be a little more hands on in the picking process than he was, he was more interested in running around. At least he had fun though!!!

From the looks of him you’d think it was FREEZING out…but it was actually semi-warm. Kye is just ALL about wearing jackets right now!

He will always find a stick

It was exciting to be picking out a tree for our NEW house! It’s easy to be all focused on the baby and how it’ll be his or her First Christmas…but it’s also our first Christmas in the house and I’m SO excited about that too! It’s going to be an EXTRA special Christmas this year for sure 🙂 We decided to get a 7 1/2 foot tall tree since we aren’t 100% sure of how things will look and fit in our living room (the ONE downside of our house layout is where to put the Christmas tree…there isn’t an obvious spot for it!). It seemed like every tree we saw was perfect but Zach and I found “the one” together!

About to cut down our tree!

Handsome guys (Kye wanted Daddy to wear a hat too, they love being “twins”)

So cute!

Ready to help Daddy!

Cutting down the tree

Hauling it off!

First time using the roof rack on the Traverse 🙂

On our way to Hambricks we listened to Pandora Christmas music and it REALLY got us in the Christmas mood. Kye LOVED it and kept saying he wanted to hear more “Christmas songs!” We listened to it again on the way home and were all excited to put the tree in the house. We decided to wait and do it after church the next day as we didn’t want to rush through it. That night Zach brought it in the house and put all the lights on it so it’d be ready to go. I am nervous about it “living” till Christmas but they told us as long as it NEVER runs low on water it should be okay.

While on our way home I told Zach you know a millllllion cars were passing us and making the comment “Um, they are a LITTLE early to be buying a tree!” It did feel somewhat silly buying a tree prior to Thanksgiving (almost a week prior at that) but usually we’re always rushed to get it and have to squeeze it in so I LOVE that we got to just enjoy the process and get to enjoy the tree for an extra long time. Heck, we had such a great time and are LOVING it so much that we may do it this early every year 😉


  1. Crissymegow
    December 2, 2011 / 2:11 am

    that pic with the tree on top of the Traverse is AWESOME!  It could be used for the Holiday advertisement of Traverses 😉

  2. emilysparker
    December 2, 2011 / 2:24 am

    @10c96993b87a793e476b4ca9a6b64ff6 you crack me up!!!!! so random 😉 maybe i should send it into chevy and make some dough 😉

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