Picking out a Little Tree

Even though we may not be doing much decorating for Christmas this year (all our stuff is in storage, as is Mom’s and with the move it just doesn’t make sense to bother) we still wanted to cut down a tree. It’s a family tradition right? It was fun with Kye last year and I was looking forward to seeing him run around the tree farm this year.

On our way to the tree farm we ran by Steel’s hoping to meet Santa but he was already gone for the day! Boo! I thought I’d say that so you’d understand why were all dressed up and matching…I promise we don’t always look like this in public, especially not at a tree farm 😉

Kye loved touching all the trees

 is he not adorable????

 such a boy, he also loved picking up sticks

 “I’m gonna get you!”

 checking out a potential tree with Gramma

 this is “THE FACE” if you see it, you’re in trouble. Guess Zach did something I didn’t like huh? haha

 much happier now though

 Yay for an AWESOME family picture! They are rare and I’m thankful Mom captured it for us! (I’m also wearing my Rachel necklace from Stella & Dot in case you were wondering)

 watching Daddy cut down the tree

 making sure we picked the right one

 such a helper

 Zach let him hold the saw last year and he cut himself, this year Mom and I both snatched it out of his little hands before we had a repeat!

 he may have a hurt back but he’ll still cut down a Christmas tree!

 hat hair 😉

 “bye bye tree farm”

It was a successful trip. We got a MUCH smaller tree than normal as 1) we have nowhere to put it and 2) we needed to save the money. So it worked! On the way home Kye started saying “tee tee!” over and over. We were still awhile from the house so we pulled over and Zach helped Kye stand up and go by the car! His first time standing up to go potty and he loved it, and Mom and I cracked up. Zach enjoyed teaching his son how to go like a man 😉

Can’t wait to pick out a HUGE tree next year to go in the new house! 

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