Payton’s Birthday Party

Payton turned three on May 1st and we celebrated her birthday with a party at a local park on Saturday May 5th. It’s pretty neat because Payton’s birthday is May 1st and Colt’s is May 26th so they both are the same age for 25 days…and Kye is too! So all three of them were three together! 

The weather was SO perfect! The party was at 10:30 so we woke up Britt a little early from her nap but were still a little late getting to the party. Poor Brittlynn was not in a party mood. She had her shots the day before and they bother her more the next day than they do the day of. We were still giving her Tylenol but she was sore and achy and just cranky overall. Thankfully there were a LOT of people there to pass her around and keep her happy 🙂 

Mrs. Charlotte bought Brittlynn this ADORABLE outfit for Easter!

It’s from “Let Them Be Little” in the mall…I wish I could afford to buy her everything in there!

Of course the kids wanted to swing practically the entire time!

Birthday Cutie!

Singing “Happy Birthday”

I love Payton’s face here, looking up at her mommy!

Big Papa adores his grand babies.

Chowing down!

Cupcake Faces

Present time

I couldn’t pick a favorite of these two so you get both!

Big Daddy has a new horse so they bought her cowgirl stuff to go ridin’

Kye’s card

We got her a Bullseye!

Kye ate the entire time she opened gifts

Brittlynn enjoyed watching with Aunt Mary

More Toy Story fun

Ariel is her favorite, she’s Aunt Emily’s favorite too 🙂

New Bike!!!

Colt wanted a turn…don’t tell Brad haha

Trey and Zach

Me and Casey (MRS BACON!)

Brittlynn really loves Little Mama. She cheered right up when Little Mama held her and I got some ADORABLE pictures of her 🙂

Everyone was making her laugh and it was precious

She has SUCH full lips (must be from Aunt Casey!)

Some of my favorites of her ever!

The party was great, really low-key and just a good time with family! Zach and Mr. Rusty dipped out a little early and headed home to pour cement to make the steps for the storage shed (Yes. It’s STILL not completely done. Ugh.). It was SO nice of Mr Rusty to spend his entire day in the hot sun helping with the concrete. It was NOT an easy job but they got it done!

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