Parker Pool Grand Opening!

We have been dying to try out the pool but wanted to wait to have a pool day until we could all be there as a family for the event! Then the weather got nasty for awhile and even a little chilly so it took us longer than planned to be able to enjoy it. I was the one who really wanted a pool and Zach wasn’t too sure but already he’s saying how glad he is we have it 😉 

Here’s a TON of pics from our first swimming day!

 testing the water

 this face totally reminds me of my little brother

 Zach’s first jump!

 Kye LOVES “jumping” off the side to Daddy (here’s a video)

 another attempt at getting Zach’s jump…

 I’m not very good at capturing it haha

I SOOO didn’t wanna get in. It felt waaaay too cold for me but when your two year old looks up at you with those cute eyes and says “Jump Mommy! Jump!” how can you resist? Zach’s better at taking action shots than I am haha!

 Keeping my top on, you’re welcome!

 I was right, it was FREEZING!

 I stayed in for a little bit to play with Kye

 He doesn’t quite know how to actually jump yet so he kinda walks in the water

 using Mommy’s float


 In case the pics don’t spell it out clearly enough for you – Kye’s favorite things to do in the pool are: jump, drink the water, and SPLASH!

 He really, really loves it! Makes it ALL worth it to see him so happy 🙂

 Kye’s summer will be filled with days of splashing

 While Daddy’s will be days of pool cleaning

 And Mommy’s will be days of sun bathing 😉

We haven’t gotten to swim a TON yet but I’m looking forward to the HOT Valdosta Summer so I can take full advantage of the pool. I love to swim laps and can’t wait to start that up. Zach is already enjoying jumping in the cool water after hard yard work (we need to get a riding lawn mower at some point…it takes him almost 3 hours just to cut the grass!). Kye asks just about every day if we can get in the pool and when I say no he always asks “just feet?” I love that we have a little water lovin’ boy and I can’t wait for lots of pool parties!

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