Parker Family Trip 2017: Disney Springs

Y’all know our family has quite the love for Disney Springs! Last year on Family Vaca we missed out on Disney Springs with the cousins because of “face gate” . This time we already planned on Zach missing work for the day and weren’t in any hurry since it was Spring Break. So Courtney and Brad’s crew decided to stick around with us and we all headed to Disney Springs on our way home!

I am a big fan of Disney Springs for a couple reasons. One being that it’s a great place to purchase souvenirs without “wasting” park time shopping. It’s also a great atmosphere and a place that feels like Disney without having to purchase anything at all! We had SUCH a fun morning with the Flemings and it was a great way to end the trip!

Gotta get some Stitch Spit at World of Disney πŸ˜‰


The kids work for their money and love to spend it at Disney Springs. It cracks me up with the things they choose sometimes, especially Britt. Again, keep in mind she’s never seen Star Wars ha!

We tried to help guide the kids in choosing a pin to represent their favorite memory with Colt and Payton this trip since the most magical thing about this Disney vaca for them was being together with their cousins (Kye told me later that his favorite memory from the parks was just walking with Colt and laughing and joking around…so presh!). Britt got an “It’s A Small World” pin because that was her favorite ride with her cousins. Kye got a Mt Everest one for the same reason and Tess got an Animal Kingdom one since she had SO much fun that day and since it was our best safari experience!

We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich and were very impressed with how affordable it is! 

It was hilarious because while we were eating stuff just kept happening. First Tess spilt milk all over Kye. Then I got that all cleaned up and had them switch tables and look over and Tess has like a straight gallon of pee pouring out from under her chair. Mom fail on the potty brakes (Can I blame Courtney? haha Court had to pee constantly in the parks so we were always stopping and on our Disney Springs day she never stopped! Hahaha!). It was all pretty comical and luckily this time I DID have extra panties πŸ˜‰

Had to get some treats for the ride home! 

So pumped to see Goofy!

Zach always talks about how the old school Mickey is his fav and he has been eyeing this one for awhile. We finally bought it for Tab πŸ˜‰ Sweet Daddy!

We also feel bad that the big kids have money to spend and Tess is left out because she’s not old enough for chores yet. So we let her pick a prize. And, again, it was funny what she picked out! She was pumped for this Stitch (he is really cool as his arms are slap bracelets so he can hug you!)

Our annoyed faces are exactly alike haha

We don’t spend enough quality time with Courtney and Brad and this trip was SO great bonding more with them and Zach and I talked on the way home about how we want to make hanging out more of a priority! We all had a BLAST!

My husbands photo skills are lacking…I mean dude zoom OUT.

“I take a picture”

Posing like the Lego Ladies


So if you remember from my first post on our trip I had a pretty epic pic of Colt rolling his eyes in annoyance of Aunt Emily taking pictures…by the end of the trip he totally embraced it and was ALL about it! I know how to wear ’em down πŸ˜‰

Tess haha

While we were taking pictures Kye was shopping. He made his largest purchase EVER with his own money…a $80 Star Wars Lego thing. But he was smart to buy it there because I got an Annual Passholder discount and I used my gift card to pay for it (yes they take Disney gift cards at the Lego Store at Disney Springs!) and let him just pay me back with cash. He ended up saving quite a bit off the sticker price!

Hidden Mickey πŸ˜‰

Teacher Aunt Courtney in action πŸ˜‰

We are such a blessed family to all have each other and a BIG thank you again to Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte for planning this trip and for providing the rental house for us all to enjoy together! I’m sad to be ending these series of posts as we have NO DISNEY TRIPS PLANNED. I know. Who am I right now? Haha! With our current status in the adoption process (waiting…and waiting…) we haven’t made ANY set plans for anywhere at all in the future aside from our anniversary trip this month and our 4th of July trip in July. We are waiting for our baby and trying to minimize spending in the process πŸ˜‰ But I may or may not have booked a few dining locations on Disney property just in case πŸ˜‰ 

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