Parker Family Photos ~ Best Buds

Growing up my brother and I were so fortunate to have cousins right around our same ages. My cousin, Meghan, is 11 months older than me and my cousin, Jonathan, is 11 months younger. My brother was the same way…Jason is a few months younger than him and Ben is about a year younger. It was SO fun growing up so close in age to our cousins and it’s neat to see those relationships develop over the years. Jason, Brandon, and Ben are all still super tight (Jason was Brandon’s best man on his wedding day!)

I LOVE that Kye has that same relationship with Colt and Payton. He adores them both so much. I feel a little bit bad for Britt as she doesn’t have a cousin super close in her age like these three are (Colt is 10 months older than Kye and Payton is 2 months younger than him) but I do think her and Payton will end up being close. Casey and I are also hopeful that our baby #3 and #4 will be somewhat close in age with her #1 and #2 😉 Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?!

As you’ve already seen…Lindsay from Captured by Colson got some AMAZING images of our family for us! I wanted to save my personal favorites for last. Colt and Kye were in such silly moods all morning. I love, love, LOVE all of these. You can just tell that they are best buddies can’t you???






 They were scheming and decided to do this? Haha


SO adorable





I love that they aren’t just cousins but that they are also best friends!


Thank you so, so much again to Lindsay. I cannot thank her enough for all the amazing pictures we’ve taken with her over the years! I’m so thankful we were all able to come together for Mrs. Charlotte and I know she will cherish all of these forever!!!

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  1. Mom
    September 15, 2012 / 1:29 pm

    So So So cute! I can hear them laughing together! I love #1!!!!!!

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