Park Lunch in St Augustine

Our St Augustine trip is filled with many, many traditions (which is probably one of the reasons I LOVE this trip so much!). We try to do fun things as a family, but not spend much money doing them. We LOVE the little park close to our hotel that has a carousel and beautiful shady trees. Even in the heat of July, it’s still nice and cool! Usually every year we pick up Subway for lunch and take it to eat at the park before playing for a bit…but this year to cut down costs we just packed lunch instead of buying food. I don’t think the change took away from our fun at all!

 Britt and her faces haha

Britt’s personality is very “slow to warm” and it’s pretty obvious by these pictures. She starts off a little nervous about anything new and takes awhile to warm up to it…but once she does she has a GREAT time and is very adventurous! It def tests my patience as I’m used to Kye who jumps right into new things and I have to give Britt the time she needs to adjust. I get SO happy though seeing her excitement build and build and watch her having fun 🙂

After the carousel ride we let the kids play for about an hour at the playground. It’s a great area for their ages but I do wonder how long this tradition will keep going as they get older…I can see them thinking it’s boring and lame once we have younger babies and Britt and Kye are in their pre-teen and teenage years. Guess I better enjoy it while I can, huh? 🙂

I really enjoy having both kids at this stage they are at. Zach and I can sit back a bit and let them do their own thing and just enjoy watching them have fun. Britt is SO independent and climbs the stairs, goes down the slides, etc all on her own and doesn’t need (or want!) any help. It does make me a tad nervous as she isn’t even two years old yet and the child gets hurt on the regular too haha But I try to encourage our children to be independent so I’m glad she has found her independence at such a young age!

 Kye walks around whistling non-stop!

 Going down the big slide!

We enjoyed our little park time before heading back to the room for naps! I LOVE how close our hotel is to everything as it makes staying on schedule so, so easy for us 🙂 

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