Our little New Year’s

Usually for me New Year’s is a pretty big deal. Every year we always get dressed up fancy and go out to eat with Dad. The past couple years we’ve been on our own but have still made an event of it. This year we actually planned to drive up to Dad’s since he’s currently living in Gainesville (Georgia…back at his old house on Lake Lanier!) but it just didn’t work out. It’s actually good that it didn’t work out as with me being sick, Kye just getting over sickness, and drying up I needed my rest. We planned on having friends over on the 1st to watch Bobby’s last game coaching the Seminoles (sorry Matt and Robyn..boo!) but I had to cancel. I needed to just chill and have a day of nothing.

We spent the days around New Years just relaxing as a family. I spent a LOT of time sleeping but when I was awake we had some fun!

Our plan every year is to have stockings at our house to open as a little thing we can do at our own home since we won’t typically have any Christmas celebrations here. We plan to leave Big Daddy’s after the big breakfast, come home and do our stockings (and the pets presents), then go to Mom’s house for her Christmas celebration. Since we had so much company at our house this year we put off the stockings and waited until we had the house to ourselves and I was feeling better to do them! Next year we plan to just go to the dollar store and split up and buy each other things. We did that with my dad growing up and it’s a fun thing to do and will be fun with the kids too! They can split up too (when old enough) and get things for us and each other. It’s fun being sneaky so the other people won’t see what you find 🙂

our stuffed stockings!

Levi helping Kye open

Kye’s new tub toy! Zach’s pumped about it!

our dogs seriously do love presents

we bought each other book lights!

Kye’s last new toys until his birthday

New Year’s Eve was the first time I can remember in my entire life that I didn’t see the ball drop. We didn’t drink fake booze. We didn’t kiss HAPPY NEW YEAR. Kinda depressing. I called Mom at 9:30 to wish her a Happy New Year, took some NyQuil and went to sleep. My dad is super hardcore about New Year’s and he didn’t even call me until the next day! Maybe it was just an off year for everyone. Oh well. Next year we’ll do it big 🙂

On New Year’s day it took awhile for my meds to wear off (I’m telling you I was doped UP). I was feeling a LOT better but just very weak. It was a football day so that’s what we did. As a Seminole it’s so so sad how Bobby Bowden has been forced into retirement but I’m so thankful they could pull out a win for his last game! Here’s our little family watching the game!

In the afternoon we took a walk to put Kye’s new wagon to use. We didn’t go all the way to the park because it was COLD out and I didn’t want to do too much too soon with being sick. He was precious in the wagon though and we did walk through a couple houses that were under construction. We both love doing that. We compare them to our house and get ideas for our next house someday 🙂

wagon time with Daddy

“Let’s Go Guys!”

Probably one of my favorite pictures of him so far!!!

That evening Zach picked up pizza for us and he watched the Florida game while I caught up on blogging. I did 12 posts in ONE day (including this one haha). I will post them slowly as I like to spread them out a little. I know some people (pretty much just my mom but still) look forward to reading them and it’s fun to have one a day instead of 12 at once.

It may have not been the most exciting New Year’s ever but I got to spend it with my two favorite guys so I was happy!

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  1. Danielle
    January 5, 2010 / 3:35 pm

    You can add me to the list with your mom. You and Rachael and Elizbeth's blogs make me feel like I don't live so far away! What a great idea for stockings!!

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