We knew prior to even giving birth to Brittlynn that she’d have at least one nickname. I am not a HUGE fan of my name. Emily is always one of the most popular girl’s names every year. That’s definitely part of the reason that we try to give our children unique names, it’s annoying to always be one of several Emily’s in a group. One thing I have always loved about my name though is that it can have many natural nicknames – Em, E, Emma (as I tried to go by briefly in elementary school…I also attempted to change the spelling of my name at one point to Emmaleigh. So cool…), Ems, etc. I don’t typically call people by nicknames, but for some reason we have several for Brittlynn! I liked that Crissy made a similar post about their nicknames for Olive so I copied her idea 🙂 Here are the different names Brittlynn goes by around here!


(Zach typically calls her by her entire first name)

Love Love

(what I will often say when I’m cuddling up with her)


Chunky Chunk

(I call ’em like I see ’em!)


(what I use most often on this blog probably)

Gerber Baby

(typically one I only call her and it’s usually when she’s just done eating)

Britt Britt

(What Kye and I call her most often)

PS: It’s hilarious to me how she can go from laughing away to THIS in a matter of seconds then back to laughing again, such a girl!

Pretty Girl

(Most often used when we wake her from naps)

Brittlynn Avery Parker

(Kye will sometimes use her full name, especially when introducing her to other people)

 Missy Prissy

(My nickname for her)

Fussy Face

(obviously for when she’s having one of those fussy moments!)


(What I used often when texting…it’s why we are going to try not to have any of our children’s names start with the same letter, it makes abbreviations easier!)

Sweet Girl

(another one often used by Kye as well as Zach)

Surprisingly, Kye has never once called her “Isis” which is the name he always called her when I was pregnant. We also never call her “Sissy” or “Sister” which also surprises me as my brother ALWAYS called me Sissy growing up. We called Kye “Crazy Boy Kye” a TON when he was a baby, but we don’t ever call her “Crazy Girl” at all. I’m sure she’ll probably develop new nicknames as she gets older, but I can see Britt Britt sticking for a long time in our home 🙂 Whatever we may call her, she’s our sweet baby girl and we love her so very much 🙂


  1. Robyn Mullican
    June 4, 2012 / 6:24 pm

    Isn't it so funny how they just develop their own nicknames and you can't really decide before hand what will work for them and what won't?  We NEVER call Lorelai "LL" out loud, but we ALWAYS write it like that.  Matt started calling her Monkey Munch when she was teeny tiny and we still call her that to this day – but we never write it down.  It's so funny!  I never thought you were much of a nickname person, so it's neat to see what you call Britt!

  2. Chelley
    June 4, 2012 / 11:23 pm

    We (and pretty much everyone around us) always call Brianna just "B". However, now I feel a little weird about that since Brenson is also a "B" (although no one has EVER called him that since that is what we call Brianna). So now, I tend to call Brianna "Bri" more than "B", but we don't have many nicknames for Brenson except Brother-man and Brenson-man. My brother calls him "Brenny" but I pretty much hate that. A lot. 🙂

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