New Year’s Eve

I woke up on New Year’s Eve in my same bed but in a new house 🙂 It was pretty exciting!!! I was hoping to sleep in and start feeling better but when you have a kid on a schedule guess who else it puts on a schedule??? Yup, YOU. So at 7:20 I was wide awake and let Zach sleep until 9 while I worked on unpacking some more. Here’s just a taste of what I was dealing with…my closet took me DAYS:

Zach and I were looking forward to our New Year’s plans. I’ve NEVER been on a date on New Year’s before so it was going to be fun! Kye went to Gramma’s to help her ring in the New Year and while I wished he was with us I think it was important for them to have some quality time. She went from living with 2 people, a toddler, 2 dogs and a cat to living just by herself and I’m sure that took some adjusting!

We decided to use the gift-card that Katie got us for Christmas and go to eat the The Bistro for dinner. It was WONDERFUL to get dressed up cute and go out on the town. With everything going on it’s been hard to keep focused on our relationship and I like the symbolism of kicking off a New Year with my husband. I hope that 2011 is a great year for US.

 Enjoyed a brisk walk downtown

After dinner we headed over to Bryan and Shauna’s for their New Year’s Eve party. Another goal of mine is always to get to know my church family better. We’ve been members at Central for three years now and I still don’t feel like I have a really close friendship there. I love everyone but it’s taking awhile to really find who I click with ya know? Taking time to hang out with our church family outside of church is how we will get to know people better and will be able to find those friendships! I’m thankful that Bryan and Shauna invited us over!

It was all couples from church and we did get to know a lot of people better and had fun playing a Newlywed Game together. Of course, Zach and I won that junk. Was there ever a doubt? We dipped out a little early so we could go home together to be at the house to watch the ball drop. Did anyone else watch Dick Clark? Omg sooooo sad. It’s so great they still had him do it but it was also very sad to see. We said Happy New Year then finished watching the FSU game we had taped while on our date. They won which made it an even better start to 2011 😉

I LOVE this dress Mom got me for Christmas!

 Officially HOME!!!!!

I know it’s closer to February now than New Year’s but I hope everyone had a great one! I know we did for sure 🙂 

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