New Year’s Eve 2020

New Year’s Eve 2020

I love that our yearly post-Christmas tradition is to just CHILL. We spend Christmas break at home just hanging out, enjoying the new gifts the kids have received and spending time working on projects around the house.

Of course 2020 was year filled with TONS of time at home so we’re basically just doing the same thing we’d been used to doing already ha!

Zach’s big goal was to have Treehouse 2.0 finished enough for the big kids to be able to have a sleepover in it for New Years. We actually decided AGAINST having them sleep in it on NYE because we knew fireworks would be going off all night and that it would cause them not to be able to sleep.

Britt has been the most into helping with the treehouse and it’s been a great bonding experience for her and Zach together!

Every year for NYE we do a feast mode beast mode dinner. The kids and I all got dressed up and I gave them free reign to wear whatever they thought fit the event!

The girls decided on twirling skirts so I put one on too. Of course Spear wanted to wear his all-time favorite tractor shirt and Kye chose a back shirt with some speckles on it because he said it looked fancier 😉

I usually don’t buy a NYE decor or anything but I feel like we had to CELEBRATE the end of 2020 and wanted to up the fun level a bit!!!

We always use our Lenox Christmas china for our fancy dinner and Zach made steaks and corn bread and mac and cheese and more – while I focused on the desserts 😉 Each kid got to request one item on the menu: Britt asked for corn, Tess asked for bacon, and Spear asked for mac and cheese. Kye asked specifically for my “famous” cinnamon rolls so I made those and we finished out the Christmas baking goodies.

We went around the table and all shared some of our favorite memories and moments from 2020 and discussed how we did on our goals for the year as well as shared our goals for 2021 as well!

I’ll be recapping all of our goals and sharing the new ones for the new year coming up soon 🙂

2020 may have been a tough year but there were wonderful things as well and I’m so thankful for the places that 2020 took our marriage and our faith and I know it was a year we’ll look back on with fondness and thankfulness for where it leads us in the future!

I actually went to sleep at 11:45 and debating waiting up that extra 15 min to officially say goodbye to 2020 forever 😉

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