New Year’s Eve 2019

New Year’s Eve 2019

We always spend the holidays at home and it’s always a special time together!

We’ve started a tradition over the years of having a large fancy dinner for New Year’s.

The past couple of years we’ve dressed up and made it extra fancy and fun!

This year we invited some friends to come over and celebrate with us but sadly they had a sick kid and couldn’t make it.

The kids were bummed (as were Zach and I…we love the Halls!) so we tried to make sure they had a super special night.

Rather than dress up we kept it casual and let them camp out in the backyard for the night after dinner!

Zach had already planned to fry a turkey and make some fun sides so we still did the feast portion.

We toasted with sparkling grape juice and shared our favorite memories of the year along with recapping our goals and sharing our hopes for the new year…and new decade!

We had a bonfire with s’mores for dessert and the kids were eager for their sleep over outback!

I was TOTALLY cool with the whole sleep outside situation.

Zach and I watched The Soprano’s and went to bed before midnight.

But yall. I couldn’t sleep. I was too nervous. I kept worrying someone would go into the backyard and kidnap them.

Zach was so sweet (or maybe he was nervous too?) and he went outside and put locks on the gates to the backyard.

I was still worried but fell asleep and then was awoken at 12:45 am by Britt saying she was scared and woke up from the neighbors shooting off fireworks and guns and she was nervous a bad guy would come and kidnap her.

She came inside to sleep and Zach just went ahead and got Kye and Tess too and put them in their beds.

Kye was SO MAD but we didn’t want one of them waking up and worrying when Britt was gone and honestly I just slept SO MUCH better knowing they were all inside!

We left the tent up the entire following day to let the kids play in it since they were so bummed how the night prior went down.

Parent hack? Set up a tent in the backyard…they were literally entertained THE ENTIRE DAY.

They got along great and had such a happy day together.

No better way to start off the new year than with happy children 🙂

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