New House Flooring

After the appliance place I had to drive out to Nashville to meet with the flooring lady. By that point I was pretty much over it all and I basically told her my same spill about staying within budget, showed her our cabinets, counters, and colors, then let her decide on everything. I really have surprised myself with this house building situation. I’m not as much as a girl as I thought I was! I really, honestly, don’t enjoy these decisions. I worry that I’ll pick something then hate it later so I feel more confident letting the “experts” decide b/c that way I won’t second guess things and worry if other people think it looks good. If an expert chose it then duh it looks good right?

The only main thing I wanted in flooring was stuff that won’t show dirt! I like to be able to wipe down the counters and spray from fabreeze if we have an unexpected guest and I need my floors to always look clean even if they aren’t. I’m not saying I don’t clean…I’m just saying it helps not to have to. So basically I wanted everything to be dark and here’s what “we” chose:

20 inch tile throughout wet areas (kitchen, laundry, baths) I love that it’s very textured and has some gray in it to bring out all the silver lights. It’ll be in a brick layout which I think will look great!

 you can see the texture better in this one

 For the carpet we went with something that had a speckle to help hide any stains (with dogs, cat, and kids you know it happens!)

Since we went with a high quality tile we did wood laminate in Zach’s office (really now a days it’s practically as good as real wood)

 Zach and I both wanted dark hardwood floors in the front entry and dining and I LOVE these!

I was happy with all our selections and was pretty sure Zach would like them all too. I left for the cruise feeling beyond confident that we were within a price range that Steve would feel comfortable with b/c the floor lady told me we were. Well, got back from the cruise and it turns out she picked stuff that totaled $3,000 OVER budget!!! Are you kidding me?!?! I was not happy. Especially because it meant I had to drive back out to Nashville to re-pick everything. I’m not a hard person to please but seriously don’t get me attached to some high-end stuff then tell me I have to pick something cheaper ya know? It makes the whole thing a lot less exciting.

When I got out there to her she was very apologetic which made me feel better and she told me that Steve told her he was willing to put stone around our bathtub! That’s a bonus and I’m excited to see how this will look!

 We had to go with a cheaper grade of carpet (I did not realize what “we” originally picked was a higher grade) and here’s what we picked…I can barely tell a difference from the first one!

The big downer was the tile. I LOVED the tile we had picked and I was pumped about it. In our price range there was only one choice. It’s still nicer than what we’re used to (it does have a texture to it that you can feel much like the higher end one) but it’s just not as nice as the one we originally picked and I didn’t like the color as much because I felt like it was a standard color.

We decided to go to Steve with the new carpet and the new tile but have the new tile only in the bathrooms and do the nicer tile in kitchen, nook, garage entry, and laundry. I hoped he’d be okay with that and if not then we’d settle for the cheaper tile throughout…at least it wouldn’t look bad with out cabinets, counters, and colors.

 Lucky for me though Steve said YES to the nicer tile in the kitchen areas! I’m very excited about it and think it’s really going to bring everything together in the kitchen 🙂 Do you like it?

Even though the floor lady did over do it with the pushing our budget, I still liked her and trust her choices for what “we” picked out. I hope it looks as good as she’s thinking it will! I’m just READY to find out and get this junk DONE!

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