New Disney Rides!

There is NOTHING better than waking up in the morning and knowing you’re going to be spending the day at THE happiest place on Earth! We jammed out to Disney music in the car the whole ride over to the park! We were getting CRUNK for our super, awesome, exciting day πŸ™‚ 

We tend to not have the best luck with the ferry and usually end up riding the monorail! Fine by us, as it’s like a “choo choo” and since this would be the first time since we started taking Kye that we decided we would not be riding the legit train at the park, it was good to say we were riding a train that morning! 

Kye took a couple pictures of us…yikes!

Our day at Magic Kingdom was on May 8th. It was one month and three days after I had my foot surgery. I FOR SURE was in no shape to be walking all over the park yet but we couldn’t get me a wheelchair because we had Kye’s stroller. Hello, Zach is a beast but he couldn’t push both of those at the same time! Thankfully, my doctor wrote me a medical note to take with us to the park to allow us to get a medical pass. We got to the gates SO early that we had plenty of time to go get the pass before the park opened. They gave me SUCH a hard time about getting it. Like, we had to talk to two different people before they would actually issue it. Now that I’ve heard all the scammers who get the passes and rent their disabilities out to people to allow them shortcuts in lines…I get why the cast members weren’t so friendly with us! We were already there on a low-crowd day and the pass doesn’t help on all rides. But it def has it advantages for sure and since I legit had walking issues, I didn’t feel bad at all for getting it. Although those scammers really are so ridiculous and it’s sad that people will find ways to abuse the system like that! 

Picture was taken later in the day…hence the sweaty look πŸ˜‰

I was very proud of how patient Kye was. The park opening show was scheduled to start at 8:47 and we were there a few minutes after 8 (what can I say? I was too excited to wait around in the hotel room!). We took some pictures and visited with other people who were waiting and let the anticipation build for the show πŸ™‚

Of course Kye also enjoyed dancing to some of the Disney music they had playing!

I really, really loathe tennis shoes. I don’t like wearing socks (SO hot!) and I don’t like the way tennis shoes look on me. I have short legs as it is and I feel like tennis shoes make me even frumpier. I KNEW I’d have to break down and wear them during the day because there was no way I could handle that much walking in my Sexi Flips. But I wanted to give it a go! At least start the day off wearing my favorite Disney shoes πŸ™‚ I still (over 2 months post surgery now!) have to wear bandaids over my incision when I wear flip flops because that area is very sensitive. I am REALLY hoping that for our next Disney trip, in September, that I will be able to rock them all day again. 

I’m so thankful that Zach is supportive of my Disney love, especially my love of the opening show. Seriously. It’s my FAVORITE part of the day when visiting Disney. I cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Lame? Maybe. But I don’t care. I love it. It brings that magical Disney feeling and gives me chills just thinking about it. I’ve decided to add to my bucket list: I WANT to be that special family who gets to ride the choo choo with the characters and help officially open the park. Omg wouldn’t that be a dream come true?!?! I heard some one saying that it costs like $300 which, honestly, isn’t that crazy to me. I mean it’s a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Zach was being cheesy in these pics (poking fun at me for crying, I’m sure haha) but Kye’s joy is TRUE. And I like looking at these and just pretending to myself that Zach’s happiness is pure too πŸ˜‰ 

The mayor!


Typically we go to the park in September and while it’s a great time to go for the low crowds, I don’t like how the park is decorated in Halloween stuff. Orange is one of my least favorite colors (hello, I’m a Seminole people! No orange for me!) and I don’t like seeing the park covered in it. So it was a joy to walk down Main Street and just take it in for it’s natural decor! We stopped right away to get our castle pictures. Kye doesn’t look too happy though haha!

Now that the new Fantasyland is opened we will no longer be hitting up Dumbo as our first ride. Which we’re happy about haha! We’re kinda hoping our kids will forget it exists πŸ˜‰ Instead Belle’s Enchanted Story Time will be our new race-when-the-gates-open experience. No fast passes allowed and the line is LONG and SLOW. And, nope, medical passes don’t even help speed things up! We went there first and still waited around 30 min. On a low crowd day. Thankfully it was our longest wait of the day and it was SO WORTH IT. Seriously!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!

While in line you go through Belle’s house and it’s fun seeing everything and then you go into a room with some “magic” and end up in the Beast’s castle! A Cast Member talks (as does the wardrobe!) about the play and hands out parts. I know a lot of people don’t like participation type things…but my crew? We LOVE them! We are always hoping to get picked during Monsters Inc Laugh Factory and were PUMPED that ALL three of us had roles in the play at Belle’s Story Time!!!

Zach being SO TALL made him a soldier, instantly. Which, I’m hoping, will always work out in our favor. I mean Zach’s not gonna get any shorter and being almost 6’6″ typically makes him the tallest guy in the room. I assume every cast member will always pick him at a solider πŸ™‚ 

Kye was chosen to be Maurice, Belle’s father, which was pretty hilarious. They handed him these bars and told him to shake the bars when it was his turn during the play. He was a little nervous I think about it but he did awesome!

I got chosen to be the wardrobe which was pretty funny too! I was PUMPED to get to be part of the show and Zach and I both agreed that this experience was one of our favorite parts of the entire day πŸ™‚ 


Kye, ready for his acting debut!

I had to hold up my wardrobe chick and SING when it was my turn in the play. I said “la la la laaaaaa” or something like that. I mean I’m sure I was the most awesome wardrobe EVER haha

At the end of the show only the people who were chosen to be part of the play get to pose for pictures with Belle and she gives each of them (or us, in our case!) a bookmark signed by her. And they take photopass pictures and give you a separate photopass card on your way out! 

The soldiers!

The BEST part was when it was Kye’s turn to meet Belle and he wanted to impress her so he showed her his big muscles! Her reaction was priceless and she said “Oh my! You look just like Gaston!” (which is also funny since we joke about Zach being Gaston himself…). He even posed like that for his pictures with the photo pass and I, legit, was planning to buy them because everyone in the room was saying how cute they were! For some odd reason though when we got home they weren’t on our pass! All the other pics from the experience were but the ones of Kye weren’t πŸ™ Boo! Glad I captured these with my camera!!!


We have been talking about all the new, awesome stuff at Magic Kingdom for awhile now and Kye was SO excited to get to ride all the new stuff…as was I! I spent like multiple hours before the trip mapping out our order and itinerary for the day (as we had a special surprise planned that had to be done at a certain time!) and decided to plan on getting the newest stuff out of the way first since it was most likely to have the longest wait times! After Belle we headed over to the new Little Mermaid ride!

Ursula is totally the best villain EVER right?

And The Little Mermaid has some of the BEST songs too!!!

The ride was very fun, but didn’t come close to comparing to Belle in my opinion. AND The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and Ariel is my favorite princess. So you KNOW that Belle had to be AWESOME to top that for me!

Had to stop for a photo with Gaston πŸ˜‰

Next we headed over to Peter Pan’s Flight. While it’s not a new attraction, it is actually THE ride with the LONGEST wait times on any given day. Which is odd to me as it’s a continuous moving attraction, but for some reason it’s slow. We did notice on the ride it felt like the sped it up? It’s WAY faster now than it used to be so maybe that will help the line times some?

After only three attractions, my feet were DONE πŸ™ I was hurting already and it was time for the switch! We stopped for me to change shoes and to get Kye a snack before heading to the next thing (Kye associates Disney World with SNACKS. Kid grubs ALL DAY!). 

Last time we visited Magic Kingdom (back in September) Kye was so close to being tall enough to ride Splash Mountain. When they measured him at his specialist appointment he was 39.5 inches tall. Still 1/2 an inch too short for the ride but I was hopeful that maybe Disney’s measuring wouldn’t be as accurate and that Kye’s crocs would add the needed 1/2 an inch to get him there!

WOW it is awesome to see how much Kye has grown since Sept! Look at this same picture of him from back then here πŸ™‚

I DO NOT ride the Mountains. SO many people have told me “just wait till you have kids and you will ride them to see their joy.” Well, I see my kid’s joy all the time in other ways. I don’t need to ride a ride to see that haha. Plus remember my freak out when Zach tried to get me to ride it on my 25th birthday?

I stayed in the line with them the whole way up and snapped this picture before they got on then quickly made my way to the Exit πŸ˜‰ Kye was SO pumped!!!

Can’t even see his little head πŸ˜‰

That’s me, the total wuss!

I waited to get a picture of them coming down the mountain, but ended up missing them. So I raced back to the ride’s exit so I could see their picture. OMG. PRICELESS. All the people looking at the pics kept commenting on Kye and they were saying “look at that little kid with his arms up!” It was his FIRST time riding and Zach said he wasn’t scared at all and that he said “I gotta put my arms in the air like everyone else always does” haha He’s so hardcore!


I think it’s safe to say that Kye has a new favorite ride πŸ˜‰

After Splash Mountain we headed over for what we had planned on being a magical surprise for Kye…


  1. Katie1315
    June 18, 2013 / 6:06 pm

    Kye looks fearless on Splash Mountain! Belle's Enchanted Storytime was my favorite too! We ran for it first thing in the morning and still had a decent little wait time, but totally worth it.

  2. Robyn Mullican
    June 18, 2013 / 6:12 pm

    I totally would have paid money to see you sing in the play. πŸ˜‰ And Kye's Splash Mountain pic is seriously the best thing EVER!

  3. carrie
    June 18, 2013 / 7:54 pm

    Hey there! I'm a new follower….found you from Kelly's Korner and I was reading all about your potty training tips. I love seeing these posts about Disney! Your little guy is so cute!

  4. Cassidy
    June 18, 2013 / 8:19 pm

    Hi! I love Disney! Really enjoyed your post:)

  5. ChelleyN
    June 19, 2013 / 3:43 am

    I LOVED meeting Belle, too. We did have to wait for a looooong time, but it was totally worth it. It's so fun that it is totally interactive . . . plus she's my FAVORITE princess πŸ™‚

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