I’ve started up a sister blog! I realize that this current blog is VERY personal, almost to the point of being too personal and I thought another blog would be a good space for me to share the tips, tricks, deals and recipes that I find in an easy to navigate and read format. No millions of Kye pictures or loooong entries about my feelings. Just short and to the point! I’m hoping it will be a way for my other blog mommies to share tips with me too and for us to hopefully learn from even more mommies out there!

I keep THIS blog for myself and turn each entry into a blog book to cherish forever, but some of the topics I find myself writing on here aren’t things that I need to cherish forever, so why not post them somewhere else? I in NO WAY think I’m any kind of expert on ANYTHING. I feel I’m a “jack of all trades, master of none” type person but I have always been a big believer in the word of mouth way of sharing. When I learn something new that makes my life easier or better in some way then I share that with everyone I can. Why not use the internet, the best way to share with lots of people, in order to further spread such advice?

What gave me the light bulb to start up the new one was an AWESOME shopping deal I found last week! Several people on facebook asked me about how I did it and I didn’t really want to share my personal blog with them so I made a new one! 

We’ll see how this goes and what it evolves into. If it’s stupid I’ll drop it but ya never know! It may be useful and helpful and may help us all learn some new “tricks of the mommy trade!” I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s a link to the new blog! Enjoy!

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