New Blog Debut!

I am SOOOO happy to have my blog rockin’ a brand new look!

When I lost so much last week I was pretty bummed about it but tried to “find the good” and realized it was a great opportunity to finally take the leap and put the design process in someone else’s hands. A HUGE thank you to my sweet friend, Amanda, for recommending Leslie from Sweetie Baby’s Design! She was AMAZING to work with and the end result was worth every penny!!! It ended up being WAY more affordable than I had expected and she even did the whole thing on rush for me 🙂

I’m still in the tweaking stages of it all and am thankful to have Leslie’s help in getting it all rolling smoothly. I’ve never had a navigation bar before and am still trying to figure out how to set up pages but other than that it’s all pretty much exactly how I want it! I think it’s a true reflection of me and what I want my blog to be! It makes me SO much happier to see it and I love some of the new features (like the “pin it” ability on all the pictures I post as well as the easy to find social media icons). I am IN LOVE with it and hope all of you like it too!!!

If you are wanting to give your blog a more professional polished look while representing YOU in every aspect of it then I for sure recommend checking out Sweetie Baby’s Design. Leslie really listened to what I liked and didn’t like in blogs I’ve seen and put up with my endless amount of questions about the whole process. I liked the VERY first design she sent over to me and was so impressed by how well she captured every single detail I wanted. I plan on keeping this design for a long time to come but know I will be contacting her the next time I’m ready for something new 🙂

Also a shout out goes to Lindsay from Captured by Colson for taking the sidebar photos of our family, Kye and Britt! I can’t WAIT to show off the AMAZING photo shoot we had with her soon!!! Now that my blog is how I want it to look…it’s time to get back to posting regularly! I like to be a little behind “real time” but not quite this far behind!

I’m trying to remember all the blogs I read to add back to my sidebar…if I’m missing yours please comment with your blog link so I can be sure to add it! Thanks!!!


  1. Amber Kanzelmeyer
    August 25, 2013 / 11:00 pm

    Looks great and I love the colors!

  2. Katie1315
    August 26, 2013 / 12:06 am

    It looks so good!!

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