Neela’s 1st Birthday Party

We love the Megow family and Kye loves both of their girls! He always has a super fun time playing with them but I think he likes Neela the best probably out of all of his friends. It’s partially because she’s younger than him and very easy-going so he can run the show but mostly because she’s just super cool. Of course Kye was mega-pumped for Neela’s party two Saturdays ago! It worked out nicely that my mom was visiting so she got to see everyone too. It was a great time and I stole some pics from Crissy and Autumn (my camera isn’t 1/3 as nice as either of theirs so why bother taking pictures when they are around?) to always remember the fun!

Chucky came to party down with everyone!

Kye did pretty well with him (I think all our Chick-Fil-A cow meetings are helping)

Josie is seriously one of the most precious babies EVER. She’s so sweet and cuddly and I sat with her most of the party. If she doesn’t give you baby fever then NO baby will. Gah I want a baby girl so badly!!! She’s Neela’s 2nd bff, after Kye duh ­čÖé

The party was FILLED with ladies and only two dudes. Kye and Josiah!

Kye was going in and out in and out…so annoying

he loved showing off his new hair cut (which was a hit!)

Crissy is SUCH an awesome mom!

Happy 1st Birthday Neela!

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