My Momfessional Moments

Robyn introduced me recently to Andrea’s blog and I really love it! I enjoy reading Shay Shull’s blog too and feel like Andrea a new “must read” for me! She is so down to earth and I always appreciate a mama who isn’t afraid to be REAL. Seems like so often mommy blogs get caught up in appearances rather than being transparent, right?

Anyway! Today Andrea is hosting a link up with the topic of “Momfessional Moments.” You know, those moments we ALL have where if we were to put ’em on twitter we might use hashtags such as #mommyfail or #momoftheyear 😉 I thought it’d be fun to join in! I actually really think the Show and Tell Tuesdays linky party sounds like a fun thing to participate in so I may jump in from time to time on that as well 🙂 We’ll see!

Here are some of MY Momfessional Moments!

Bed Making

My kids each have to make their bed every morning but my bed? Pretty much only gets made when company is coming over. Although one of my favorite things in getting into bed at night in a nicely made bed. You’d think it’d motivate me to make it more often. 

Candy Stash

We rarely let our kids have candy. Like typically we reserve it for a special treat, bribing for family pictures, or because this random guy at church gives candy out every Sunday and how can you say no to that? For some reason kids get candy ALL THE TIME though. We keep a candy jar in the pantry and they know to put the candy in there. And then Zach and I proceed to help ourselves with it when they are in bed!

Reading Time

I love reading TO my kids but during this past year when Kye was learning how to read it drove Zach and I insane to listen to him. Every. Word. Was. So. Slow. So I came up with the genus idea to have him practice his reading during his rest time in his bed. He got the practice in and we didn’t have to listen to it! Thankfully he caught on to the reading thing pretty quick so those days are over 😉

5 PM

I often tell Zach I wish he could see me at 10 am. 10 am is when I SHINE! It’s like my golden hour. I feel like I have this whole “Mom thing” down and can take on the world. But when he gets home at 5 PM that rock star mom is long gone. 5 PM is my cut off. It’s my limit. I’ve handled all I can handle. I’ve been as patient and sweet and kind as I can possibly be. By 5 PM I’m DONE and am ready to cook dinner in the kitchen in peace while he handles the children. And if she’s not home by 5? Well then there is a good chance I may have a meltdown and an extremely good chance that the kids will be watching a movie. 


When we first built our house I wanted carpeted stairs. They feel warmer to me and also safer if the kids were to fall? The downside of carpet stairs is that I guess you are supposed to vacuum them? We’ve lived in our home for over 4 years now and I just recently invested in a new vacuum that allowed me to vacuum my stairs for the first time since moving in. Oops. Sidenote: Don’t look on top of my kitchen cabinets. Ever. 

Don’t be jealous of my fabulously clean stairs 😉

Car Guilt

I read blogs of moms who do carpool and sit in their cars and read books and drink coffee and such while they wait. I love the idea of reading a good book while I sit in the drop off line and I know it’s dumb but I feel guilt sitting in the car and not interacting with my kids. I actually leave the house early in the mornings so I’m in the line early enough for there to be time for me to get Tess out of her car seat so she can sit in my lap. We all sing songs and talk and then I buckle her back in. I guess I need to find another time to read some books!

Girl Hair

I suck at girl hair. Like suck. And I have 2 daughters. With beautiful hair. Heck, let’s be honest. I’m 30 and I still don’t feel like I’m good at styling my own hair. I should not be trusted to style other people’s. Not even toddlers or infants. I always had this plan of going to cosmetology school before having kids to learn how to do hair so I’d be able to do cute styles for my daughters. Instead I spent my pre-baby days laying out and watching a lot of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Priorities. 

Whoever said “French Braids are easy” is a liar.

There you have it! Some of my “momfessionals!” Be sure to check out Andrea’s blog for other bloggers who have linked up!

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