My First Mommy Day!

In honor of Kye’s 5 month day on Tuesday I had a day all about me! haha! It worked out very nicely as I got to spend time with Kye in the morning then at about 11 Mrs. Charlotte came by and picked him up and I headed to the spa!

Zach had gotten me a spa day back for my birthday but they wouldn’t let me use it close to my due date for fear it’d send me into labor (which was what I was hoping it would do haha) so I finally got to use it! I had an hour and a half massage and the girl told me I have next to ZERO amounts of stress! It was great to hear b/c I’m a high stress person (shocked right?) and I’ve really been working on not getting so stressed all the time. I guess it’s working!

The massage was just ok. She really wasn’t very good at it at all and talked my ear off the ENTIRE time which is a BIG pet peeve of mine (I PAY to RELAX not to hear about your life lady!). But the hour long facial was much better! It felt so good on my face and even though it made me break out afterward (it brings all the junk out of your pours) it was worth it!
After my spa time I went home, ate lunch, pumped my milk for his missed feeding, then did some scrapbooking! I haven’t done a full scrapbook since Zach’s freshman football season! I’m totally slacking! I tried to start doing our engagment while I was pregnant but looking at pictures when I was so thin while I had a HUGE belly was too depressing so I quit. Well this time I’m doing it for real! I decided to start with our wedding weekend because it was easy to print off all the pictures, I already have a bunch of wedding scrapbook stuff, and it was SO fun! Now that I’ve lost the weight I don’t mind seeing myself on my wedding day at all (not that I will EVER be THAT thin again!).

I got an okay start on the book…I’ve organized all the pictures and labeled them for what page they will go on and I did the first page and 1/2 of the second one. I didn’t have as much time as I’d hoped because I had to shower and get ready to go over to Mrs. Charlotte’s for dinner but for only having about an hour and a half I’m proud of the dent I made and hope I can start doing it on a more regular basis!

I really enjoyed the time to myself but it was SO strange being at home and Kye NOT being here! I kept trying to hear him thinking he was napping haha. When we got to Mrs. Charlotte’s for dinner Kye behaved horribly and it made me feel guilty for leaving him all day. I don’t think I’ll take entire days like that for myself very often but I do think it’s important to do occassionaly. Zach and I make sure to go on dates but I think individual time is almost just as important. Having our own activities makes us better spouses and parents! It’s tough because Zach has a lot more things he enjoys doing such as basketball and golf which both don’t cost us any money (I got him a bunch of credits at a local country club so right now the golf is free) and my favorite hobby (shopping duh) gets pretty expensive! Hopefully scrapbooking will become a hobby I grow to love and will allow me some ME time!

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