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Today I’m linking up with Momfessionals to share some of my favorite blog posts as well as some of my most popular ones πŸ™‚

I started blogging in August of 2008. EIGHT years ago! I was newly pregnant and wanted a way to keep track of everything going on throughout my pregnancy. I always enjoyed scrapbooking but really love writing so I found that blogging was really the perfect blend of both. It also allowed my Mom to stay in touch with everything going on since we didn’t live in the same town. Those early blogging days were fun!

This was my very first blog post and it covered all the info about the first several weeks of my pregnancy with Kye. See, I rambled and over-shared even from the start πŸ˜‰

My personal favorite posts are all about the births of our babies. I LOVE re-reading both mine and Zach’s versions of those special days. I’m so thankful for such wonderful experiences and to be able to give birth naturally all three times! 

My version of Kye’s Birth

Zach’s version of Kye’s Birth

My story of Britt’s Birth

Zach’s Story of Britt’s Birth

My story of Tess’s Birth

Zach’s Story of Tess’s Birth

We built our current home in 2010 and the posts related to the tour of our home have always been very popular among readers! I love that I have these posts as our home will always be a “work in progress” so it’s fun to look back at how things were and see the changes we make over time! I have an entire post devoted to all the home tour links here! But BY FAR the most popular room in our home has been the playroom. Zach worked super hard to create a super fun space for our kids (and nieces and nephews and friends’ kids) to enjoy and it paid off in a big way! This image of our lego table is the most pinned image I have, by a landslide! 

I personally LOVE all of our travel related posts. Travel is my favorite thing in the world, especially with my husband and our kids. I just believe that memories made on vacation are the most precious and the ones we’ll carry with us the longest and always cherish the most. A lot of my favorite blog posts relate to our travels (you can see majority of our travel posts here, I need to update it though!)

I always CRACK UP remembering this shady experience in Mexico (when Zach almost got arrested…remember?)

Italy is also a favorite trip memory of mine…we had SUCH a blast celebrating our 5th anniversary!

I also love that on like almost all of our BIG trips together I’ve had to pump haha

My happiest place in the WORLD though is Disney. I’m just the best version of myself at Disney World (or Disneyland…). I love it. Even just talking about Disney gets me giddy like a little kid. Seriously the night before a day at Disney is better than the night before Christmas for me! I’m ALL about it and the older I get, the more I actually love it. I can’t wait to be the cool Disney grandma someday πŸ˜‰ I’m so pumped for Tess’s first trip later this year!

I have a ton of Disney related posts and you can see them all here!

When it comes to popular posts of mine, Babywise related ones reign supreme. I’ve loved seeing how my blog has grown and changed with time and it’s such a blessing to me to be an added resource for fellow Babywise moms. I know when I first started out with Babywise it was SO overwhelming and I’m so honored to be able to help others with implementing the techniques found in the book!

My most popular Babywise posts are: 

How to Start Babywise


Babywise Birth – Six Month Schedules

(I also have this one covering birth – 12 months)

Along with travel planning I also really enjoy planning parties. It’s so fun coming up with a theme and putting everything together. I’ve always been really happy with how all of my kids’ birthday parties have turned out and they are among my most popular posts as well πŸ™‚ 

Especially Kye’s firetruck party

(it was even featured on Better Homes and Gardens!)

And Britt’s sunshine party!

I’m really excited to post about Tess’s 2nd birthday party so be on the look out for that in the next couple of days πŸ™‚ 

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a big health/fitness guru or anything it does amaze me how popular my weight loss journey posts continue to be! Having babies is ROUGH on the body, NO DOUBT and I’m one of those people who just holds onto weight while nursing. So annoying. I’m really thankful I found Advocare and that they offer so many products that are safe while nursing. I had AWESOME success with the products after I had Britt and I’m thankful for all the other mama’s my story has helped. Confidence is so important and feeling GOOD about yourself is valuable! 

I haven’t blogged about this yet but losing weight after one baby: tough but eventually it came off on it’s own, for the most part. After 2nd baby? TOUGH and I had to work hard to get where I wanted to be but was able to achieve my goals while still nursing. Third baby? No. Way. I struggled and struggled and dealt with WAY worse self-image issues than I’ve ever had my entire life (I’m sure some of my PPD played into that as well). I finally had to be content with where I was and just enjoyed nursing Tess (we had THE BEST nursing bond!!!) and decided I’d deal with the weight when  I stopped nursing. I wrote this post back in Dec about how I was doing post-nursing. I’ve yet to do an updated current post but I’m FAR beyond where I’d thought I’d be able to be! I’m not 100% where I’d like to be yet, but am proud of the progress I’ve made this year (I’m down roughly 22 lbs since the picture on the left was taken…I’ve yet to measure my inches).

When I first started this blog I was a soon-to-be Mommy. I had NO CLUE what my life would have in store and it’s been so neat to have this blog as a way to write down everything I’ve learned and experienced as a mother. I am especially excited about all the things we’ll be learning on our newest journey…adoption! We have just become home study approved and are so excited to begin fundraising and to be matched sometime next year! You can see all of our adoption posts here πŸ™‚ 

It’s been so fun taking this little walk down blog memory lane especially since it’s right at the 8th anniversary of blogging for me πŸ™‚ I am so thankful for this little blog and especially ALL the amazing people I’ve met (both in real life and just virtually too) through this online community. Blogging has been such a wonderful hobby and has turned into so much more for me, I thank each of you for always being an awesome support system through the years and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

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