My 26th “Brithday”

Last year I went to DISNEY for my birthday…so it’d be tough to compete with that this year! Plus turning 26 is pretty lame. It’s one of those this-doesn’t-matter birthdays ya know? It is pretty sad to be closer to 30 than I am to 20 – I guess I should quit telling high schoolers not to call me ma’am huh?

My big day fell on a Monday (which is also lame!) and Zach, obviously had to work. I spent pretty much the whole day on and off the potty with Kye but the weather was nice enough for me to lay out during his nap and read Hunger Games (Katie introduced me to the trilogy…um AMAZING!!!!!!!!). That night we decided to get ready for our date but to open presents before Kye went to bed so he could be part of the fun.

Birthday Girl!

(good to use my dress from Brandon and Chrissy’s rehearsal dinner)

Everyone knows I LOVE icecream right (you do remember my list of toppings?)? So duh, I LOVE ice cream cake. Brusters is okay…but Dairy Queen’s is the BEST by far. I remember my dad bought me a HUGE one for my high school graduation (with two pictures of me on it haha) and it stayed in my freezer at the apartment all summer. Remember Danielle: you, Tyler, and I killed that junk until Tyler left the freezer door opened and it got ruined. It was the only thing I had in that freezer next to the dead squirrel my dad found as road kill and had to keep. Anyways…I’m rambling (old age does that to you, ya know)…back to my cake:

Zach got me a DQ cake and I guess it was the girl’s first time decorating one…

He swears that a girl WORKING there did this!!! Good ‘ole South GA education haha

Isn’t he adorable right before bed?

My two present opening helpers

Daddy did good and got me some Stella & Dot jewelry to add to my collection!

Also got me this mega warm yet super thin North Face Jacket (my first one ever!)

I wonder what the big box could be…

Yay! I’ve been needing a BIG tan Coach 🙂

I failed to get a picture with all my presents but I loved everything: Stella & Dot Starfish Brooch (and matching earrings), Stella & Dot Charlotte Charm Necklace, Stella & Dot Heirloom Deco Bracelet, North Face Jacket, Coach Purse, and LL Bean slippers (to replace the ones I had from 7th grade that got lost in Cancun!).  After Kye went to bed, Zach and I headed out (I LOVE having Gramma here ~ makes dates so much easier and it’ll be just as wonderful when we move to the new house since she’s just down the street!). I don’t know how it is where you live, but in Valdosta Mondays mean that nothing is open. All the best restaurants (including my favorite, and therefore our standard birthday dinner place, Charlie Trippers) are closed so we ended up at Aligatu. I wasn’t disappointed b/c I love Aligatu (best seafood sauce EVER)!

The one downside of Aligatu is that you aren’t really alone at the table since it’s a hibachi grill. The other people at our table happened to be one of the chefs that work there. It was semi-annoying but yet also really awesome. As you can see from the picture above, he helped us get hooked UP on the free food (you know we LOVE that) and he was super nice. Since it was my birthday he had them bring me some dessert and guess what it’s called….MOCHI!!!! I had to try it and it was delicious. Zach was mad that I liked it because that adds another thing for me to order every time we go (my standard order: hot tea with tons of sugar packets, shrimp with double rice no veges, double soup no salad, double seafood sauce, and chopsticks).

We had to get a pic with the chef!

After dinner we went to a movie. I have to say it was my most favorite part of the night because we NEVER get to go to movies anymore and I love getting to see stuff with Oscar buzz. We saw Social Network and we both LOVED it. I loved it so much I went home and googled all about Mark Zuckerberg (which was very interesting…did you know that he’s almost completely color blind and that the only color he can see very vividly is the shade of blue that Facebook uses?).  It was the perfect way to end the day and I had a great time (and got to use my new jacket b/c I was freezing in that dress during the movie!).

Another year…another birthday…can time please start slowing down? Seriously?

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