Muffins with Mom Day: Britt

Kye and Britt had Dad’s Day on the same day this year at school which made it tricky for Zach as he tried to spend time with each child in their classrooms. I was so glad that their mom’s days fell on different days! I was able to enjoy each child without worrying about rushing to another classroom. I guess that will be one benefit of having two kids at different schools next year!

Britt was very, very excited to have me come to school with her. She kept saying “you coming to school Mommy?” Kye always gets pretty pumped about the food at these events so it made my heart happy to have Britt be so excited about spending that time with me rather than just looking forward to grubbing out 😉

Every time I visit Britt’s class I’m so overwhelmed. I am for sure not cut out to be a preschool teacher! I think I tell her teachers “I don’t know how you do this” like 15 times every time I visit! When I used to babysit I was always more comfortable with kids about Kye’s age and older. I guess when it comes to children other than my own, that’s still the case. Her classmates are adorable and precious but I def don’t have the desire to bring any of them home with me or take over teaching a room full of 2 ½ year olds 😉

The room was so bright and cheerful and decorated so cute for the event! The teachers put a lot of effort and thought into making it special for us. The moms all waited in the hall and our children came to get us one by one and escorted us into the room to our seats. It was precious. Britt gets so sweet when she’s excited. She just had this adorable little smile and I could see the pride in her eyes. 

At our seats was a sweet poem, decorated flower pot, and a “little red box”

Prior to this day I had never heard of a “little red box” or the song that goes along with it. Y’all. It’s the most adorable thing ever. The little jar was painted by Britt and had a special note inside (side note: she’s currently holding my little red box ransom, she insists that since she made it she gets to keep it!). The class all sang the song that went along with our boxes. I took this video of Britt “singing” but really she’s just sitting there. It’s SO funny to me b/c Kye is more reserved but when it comes to singing with his class he is loud and proud. Britt is the silly, goofy kid but when it comes to singing she clams up. Once we got home though we heard this song on repeat. It’s both Zach’s and mine favorite now! Here’s a video of her legit singing it. 

We enjoyed our muffins and other snacks together. I loved watching Britt in her element and she cracked me up because she just kept eating and eating. We don’t do a lot of sweets at home so when my kids get ahold of them they go NUTS. Her teacher told me that every day Britt is the kid that keeps asking for more food. No wonder she struggles to eat her lunch 😉

It was a really rainy day so we weren’t able to go outside. The original plan was to go get some soil to put in our flower pot to help our flowers grow. My flower is a sunflower so I’m pretty sure it’d outgrow that pot anyway! We have a little garden and plan to plant it there. Sunflowers are actually one of my favorite flowers and my room at my dad’s house growing up was sunflower themed 😉

Britt and I had a really special morning together. I love one-on-one time with the kids and truly enjoyed getting to spend that time with her!

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