Mr. Artist

For Kye’s Birthday Mom bought him a new easel. I hear from his teachers at school that he LOVES arts and crafts. I know at home he spends a lot of his time drawing and coloring but I don’t have much beyond that for him to do. Since I knew he was getting the easel from Gramma, I put a TON of art supplies on his wishlist from Toys R Us and he got pretty much everything he needs to become a true artist. He was SO excited to do his first painting and, of course, he made it especially for his Gramma. 

He did a great job keeping the brushes separated

The tall blue line with lots of circles around it is “Gramma” and the yellow circle is the sun!

The red in the middle is a “bow” and the bottom part that he’s working on is a rainbow

Proud of his masterpiece!

For a lot of set up and clean up the actual painting portion only took like 15 minutes haha. It was fun though! I’m trying to incorporate more “art time” into his day as I think it’s wonderful that he enjoys it so much. I know he’ll miss it when school is out for the summer so I’m thankful that we’ll be able to continue it on at home! Anyone looking for some new modern art? 😉

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