Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day started off pretty crazy. Sat night Mr. Rusty called and suggested that Zach, Kye and I go to Lakeland Church of Christ (our old church) to surprise Mrs. Charlotte for Mother’s Day. I LOVE our church now (Central Avenue Church of Christ) and hate missing but Zach and I talked about it and decided it was a good day to visit our old church home. (Side note: when making the links to the church websites I realized that there are pics of Zach and I on each site! Can you find us?!?)

The past couple of weeks it seems like everyone around here has been battling a stomach bug and it reared it’s ugly head again the morning of Mother’s Day. After Zach, Little Mama, Aunt Karen, Mr. Rusty, Colt, Payton, Mrs. Charlotte, and Courtney all had already survived the bug, that morning Brad and Casey got it too (thankfully Kye and I somehow managed to NEVER get it! yay us!). That through a kink in some plans so we spent much of that morning on the phone with Mr. Rusty one minute thinking Mother’s Day was canceled then switching where to go to church only to switch back and make new Mother’s Day plans. Whew!

During the chaos Zach and Kye surprised me with some hand-picked flowers (from our yard…not stolen!)

In the end we ended up going to Lakeland and surprising Mrs. Charlotte. It was good that we did as Casey was too sick to come and Courtney had to stay home to take care of Brad so instead of it being a nice surprise for her to have ALL her children at church with her, she was lucky to have one child haha! It was neat going back where we used to go three times a week. I went to that church when I first became a Christian and it brought back some fun memories with Zach and the early obsessed-with-each-other stage all couples go through. After services we took some pictures with Kye (who was an ANGEL throughout church, I think sitting up front helped!).

me and my baby

Mommy and G-Mama

Little Mama

is this not TOO cute with Big Daddy?!?

4 generations of “good bulls”

With all the plans changing all morning guess what we ended up doing for Mother’s Day lunch?!?! We all came to MY HOUSE!!! I’m a big planner and it’s a pretty big deal that I invited them over so last minute. I hope they enjoyed that rare occasion haha! We got pizzas and had a nice time while Kye napped just visiting and talking. I wished everyone could have been there but at the same time if anyone else would have come then we wouldn’t have had enough seats!

After everyone left from lunch it was time to celebrate Mother’s Day with my little family. While I enjoy getting together with a big group, spending quality time with my immediate family is my favorite thing to do. Zach had the rest of the day planned out and we had a great time! After Kye got up from his nap we had a family movie afternoon. Since we NEVER allow Kye to watch TV he was pumped about it and we pulled out our fold out couch and watched Toy Story (the original one..on VHS!!!) It was SUPER good and Kye did a great job watching the whole thing!

After the movie we went out to eat for dinner. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money and Zach had planned on taking me to Giulio’s (one of my favs) but I thought it’d be better to go somewhere cheap and kid friendly. So we decided to hit up some Steak and Shake. It wasn’t until we got there that we found out kids eat free on weekends! How awesome is that? We hadn’t ever been there with Kye (since he’s been eating “real food” anyway…I think the last time we took him was when Dad and Audrey visited and he was sleeping in his little car seat) and they are SUPER kid friendly! They hooked him up with a hat, paper car, stickers, a menu, and crayons right away and after we ordered they brought him out some applesauce right away too!

“honk if you love Steak and Shake!”


I think it’s sweet that Zach wants to do a homemade card every year for me on Mother’s Day. Last year (here’s a link to my post about my very first Mother’s Day!) he made the card himself and this year Kye helped!

This year “Kye” also wrote a poem for me:


I love when you hold me

and when you sing your silly songs

I love when you kiss me all day

as if I do no wrong

I love it when we play outside

in the sunny weather

I love it when you love me

and I’ll love you back Forever!

It was all very sweet and I’m pumped about my present. It’s an entire day planned just for ME! Zach made up a schedule and picked a Saturday that he knew we didn’t have plans and we’re going to have such a fun day…starting with breakfast at IHop (I LOVE IHop!), then a 3 hour spa day at Lemongrass Spa (including a pedicure, swedish massage then some body scrub thing), a special lunch made by Zach while Kye naps, then a sitter at the house so we can go to dinner (he planned for us to go to the NICEST restaurant in town, Charlie Trippers, but we don’t need to spend that kind of money!) and a movie!!! I’m VERY excited and it was a GREAT Mother’s Day gift!

We had SUCH a fun day together and it was a great way for me to get to celebrate being a mother! It is the best job in the world and I’m so so thankful that I have two amazing guys in my life ­čÖé

I’m such a nice mom to share my milk shake…

somebody had too much fun!!!

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