Mother’s Day 2021

Our tradition is to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the entire day before the actual holiday. It always works out nicely to have a full day together as a family!

Mother’s Day this year was GORGEOUS weather. Def a perk of having the holiday in May vs when Father’s Day is in June. It was sunny and just a hint of wind and only 75 degrees. PERFECT day to have some chill by the pool family time.

Everyone let me sleep in (getting to sleep in is like my favvvv) and then I got to take my time getting ready (which meant getting to use my ice roller on my face which is a rare treat as most mornings I’m in a rush!).

We went ahead and opened gifts first and the kids made me sweet cards and were excited to give them to me! My fav gift is that Zach snapped so many candid pics 🙂

I LOVE when the kids fill out those “about my mom” sheets, it’s always fun to see their answers. Zach put together a bit of a diy gift this year with sweatshirts with the kids notes to me on them. Here’s what is on the sweatshirts:

Zach and the kids set up a chill poolside day for us and Tess was especially PUMPED. I knew she was super excited about the plan because the little “about my mom” sheet she filled out AND her note on my shirt both mentioned things about it.

Zach picked up fun snacks and treats and we soaked up the sunshine!

He also picked up CFA for a picnic lunch outside and during naps the kids wanted to have their screen time in the tent too! Very chill morning 🙂

Our movie theater puts on classic movies for a discounted ticket price and I noticed that Wizard of Oz was playing that weekend. I told Zach it’d be a great outing for Mother’s Day! I was OBSESSED with Wizard of Oz as a kid. Handsdown it was my FAV movie. (And I know, it’s not even Disney…gasp!)

We’ve never watched it as a family and I thought it would be so fun to go! We had a church fish fry that afternoon so we went to that first and then the bigs and I went to the movies on the way home. Super fun!

And a good reason to rock one of my new sweatshirts too 🙂

I always tell my kids that a gift for Mommy is a nice picture together. I LOVE our Mother’s Day pics together before church! We had church-eat-church which is when we eat at church for lunch so it worked out to have Zach’s parents and Casey’s crew (Courtney was out of town) come to church with us and get to meet our church family and then they all came over to our house after second church services to swim and hang out!

The men of our congregation did a great job putting together the Mother’s Day lunch and it was a nice way to be honored and celebrated as a mama!

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day but of course the best gift of all is the gift of motherhood. I never, ever take the blessings of my babies for granted. I am so beyond thankful to be able to be their mom and I pray they ALWAYS know how much I love them!

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