More from Magic Kingdom!

I mentioned earlier that our original plans got changed and I had to cancel our reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest. I did luck out and was able to secure an 11 am reservation at a new-to-us restaurant, The Plaza. I knew very little about it other than the awesome ice cream dessert they have there. I didn’t tell the kids the plan, but simply told them to set aside $8 each of their money b/c they would for sure want to spend it on this special treat πŸ™‚ 

We finished up with all our pirate fun just in time for our reservation. On our walk over we saw Mary Poppins out and about with two of her penguins! I really wish I would have asked Zach about stopping but he’s not big on character meeting lines and I didn’t want to push it so I didn’t! I’m not sure how often she’s out like that especially with the penguins? I know I’ve never seen them before, not even in photos!

Can’t beat the view while we waited for a table!

Right away we knew The Plaza is our kinda place! It’s VERY small with lots of natural light and just a very relaxed feel. I loved the vibe! 

The kids being old enough to enjoy the activities on their placemats made the wait no biggie!

So thankful for quality time with G-Mama! I hope my son takes me to Disney with his family too πŸ˜‰ 

Haha making fun of Mr Rusty πŸ˜‰

We packed the kids lunch and they didn’t mind that the kids ate what we had packed for them. Zach got a burger with BBQ on it and loved it! Mrs. Charlotte and I both got sandwiches which were fantastic! The prices weren’t bad at all and it’s def a place I wouldn’t mind visiting again in the future!

When Zach and I visited Beaches and Cream we saw The Kitchen Sink and knew we’d like to go back someday as a family to share it! At The Plaza they have a mini-version of the kitchen sink but it’s in Mickey’s pants! It was like $15 for not as much ice-cream as I’d thought it have but we did get to keep the pants πŸ˜‰ And it was PLENTY for our crew to enjoy! The kids got to pick which flavor they wanted as well as toppings!

When we walked up to get our table I mentioned it was Kye’s birthday and they told me they didn’t do anything for birthdays. I was a little disappointed because I thought everywhere did something birthday related at Disney! Then the Mayor of Magic Kingdom came in for a visit to the restaurant! He was adorable!!! He wished a big happy birthday to another girl in the room and gave her family a special fast pass for any ride in the park. I’m not sure how they got chosen for that? Def worth looking into! He knew the girl by name so it must have been something they signed up for or something prior to being seated! Or maybe they just had a cast member come up to them during the meal or something? Anyway it was a neat experience!

After lunch we headed back out and I LOVED walking out the doors and being greeted by both fabulous weather and an incredible view! It was just an energy that we all felt when walking down Main Street. Music was playing and you could just feel the magic! Usually at that time of day we aren’t near the castle so it was a nice change from our normal pace πŸ™‚ 

Time for Britt’s fav…PhilharMagic!

There was a pretty long wait for the carousel (hello level 8 crowds!) but I didn’t mind the chance to really look at some of the details we usually miss!

Even with the crowd we still were able to get Cinderella’s horse!

Such a typical us moment…Kye and I smiling for the picture and Britt being Britt ha!

After the carousel we split up. Kye has now convinced Britt to despise Country Bear Jamboree so we skipped it this trip. Tess WILL love it though! The boys went to tackle Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain while the girls enjoyed The Enchanted Tiki Room! 

The tricky thing about splitting up is timing everything. Tiki Room is pretty quick so we also had a bathroom break. But we knew the boys would still be awhile! I wasn’t sure if we should get in line for Aladdin’s Carpets or if we had time for another activity. Zach did GREAT keeping his phone handy so we could communicate! I checked out the Disney App and saw a character meeting not too far from us that was also close to where the boys were so I asked Britt and she was all about it! We headed over to meet Woody and Jesse! Britt hadn’t ever met them before πŸ™‚ 

It was announced that Jesse would be leaving at 2 for the DAY. I knew we’d miss the cut off and let Britt know that we could either leave line or that we could wait and she’d only meet Woody. She was cool with just meeting Woody so we stuck it out. And y’all. We got SO LUCKY. We were the LAST people who got to meet Jesse for the day as well as the last people before Woody took an extended break! I think this was the most excited Britt got the whole day. She kept talking about how lucky we were to meet Jesse! 

I do have to give a link to a flashback…I haven’t met Woody and Jesse since Kye’s first Disney visit and it was THE magical moment of the trip remember? I have a feeling Tess will be very similar as Woody is her FAV πŸ™‚

Zach took this video of their ride on Splash Mountain

The whole time we were separated Britt kept saying “I saw Daddy!” I mean I’m sure she didn’t really see him every time but when we were walking to get in line for Woody and Jesse she said she saw him going down the mountain of Splash Mountain. That’s some crazy timing if she really did see him! When she said “I see Daddy!” while we were in line for the character meetings I didn’t even believe her at first since she’d said it so many times already haha But there they were! They got DRENCHED on Splash Mountain! Kye was HILARIOUS and kept saying “I SMELL LIKE A WET DOG” 

Next they went and got in line for Big Thunder Mountain while we finished up with Woody and Jesse! We finished and went over to get in line for Magic Carpets of Aladdin. I know it’s not a “must do” ride for most people. It’s basically just Dumbo. But it’s MY ride with Kye. It’s one that we always ride together and always have fun riding so it’s become a favorite for me. While we were in line Zach was texted me telling me how CRAZY long the wait was for Big Thunder. I told him I hated not to ride Aladdin with Kye but that I understood. It was Kye’s special birthday at MK and if he wanted to wait and ride Thunder rather than get to ride Aladdin I was cool with it πŸ™‚ 

We kept in good contact and we let a TON of people in front of us in line and they were able to meet us prior to us loading on the ride! Whew! I was SO glad it worked out as selfishly I’d have been disappointed not to ride with Kye πŸ™‚ 

I have to stop here and give Britt some props! Girl was AMAZING. We stood in line quite awhile for Woody and Jesse as well as again for Aladdin and she NEVER complained. She was a pure joy and made the wait FUN!

With our issues regarding switching days I was able to still get decent fast passes. Britt, Mrs. Charlotte and I had one to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel at park opening. Then I got us all one for Jungle Cruise. I also got the guys one for Space Mountain later in the day and got us all one for Peter Pan that night. Not too bad! What is AWESOME is that I was able to make my itinerary with touring plans and IT suggested what fast passes for me to get and even what times to secure them πŸ™‚ 

We LOVE Jungle Cruise! It’s become a good ride for a fast pass because the lines have started getting LENGTHY! The last two times we’ve been the posted wait time was 45-60 min!

We are always on the hunt for hidden mickeys and I was super excited about the LEGIT one I found on the pathway from Adventureland to the Castle πŸ™‚ DO you see it???

Our first stop in Tomorrowland was for a snack! We decided to skip out on our usual orange ice cream treat since we had the massive ice cream at lunch. I’m SO glad we got the cream cheese filled pretzels. I just heard this week that they are no longer selling them. BOOHOO. I hope they bring them back at some point and I guess it opens us up to try something new next visit!

I know not everyone loves Monsters Inc Laugh Factory but it’s a family favorite for us. We all LOVE IT. The kids crack up the entire time…as do the adults. The show has actually gotten funnier in my opinion. This time Zach was chosen to be Randal (the bad guy) and he did awesome. He has been chosen before to be “That Guy” which was amazing πŸ™‚ 


Zach loves to get the highest score πŸ™‚ I recently found out if you get the high score you can request a special pin? I plan to do it next time!

We have several photo traditions at MK. We always get pics wearing the 3d glasses at PhilarMagic and we always get our “we just defeated you” pic with Zurg. We were shocked that they have now made the bars closer together so you can’t get in the cage with Zurg! I mean I get why they did it so I’m def not complaining, it was just a surprise!

Leading up to our trip Disney didn’t have Incredibles Dance Party listed so I let the kids know it may not be going on anymore. Touring Plans still showed it happening so I hoped for the best and sure enough it was going on! Yay! There is a bathroom behind where they dance so we took a potty break (it’s also where you will find people smoking which I always report to a cast member haha) and then got our boogie on!  We got two videos of them dancing: video 1 and video 2! Freeze dancing is my fav πŸ™‚

I had to include this picture because it’s SO classic G-Mama. I always tell people that my kids are probably safer when they stay with her than when I have them at home with me! She is all about some safety and is the truest of true helicopter grandmothers πŸ˜‰ The kids dancing in the crowd made her nervous haha She always makes sure her babies are SAFE! 

I love this!

Walking to Tomorrowland Speedway I caught this moment. So sweet! I know it’ll come too soon where Kye won’t want to hold hands with his daddy (he will, however, be forced to forever hold his mama’s hand #dealwithit)

Tomorrowland Speedway is one of Britt’s favorites! Having two kids and three adults worked out pretty well for the most part. Zach doesn’t love Dumbo or Aladdin’s carpets so Mrs. Char and I enjoyed those with the kids. Zach also likes to ride Buzz solo so he can focus on his game so that worked out too πŸ˜‰ It was sweet because the kids both always wanted to ride everything with G-Mama! She was the most popular person on the trip for sure πŸ™‚ I love that they have the close relationship with her and I was all about her spending that quality time with them. It’s why we asked her to come!!! 

Britt wanted to ride with G-Mama for Tomorrowland Speedway which I was totally fine with sitting out. My foot needed a rest and I didn’t mind not having the motion sickness from the jerky ride either πŸ˜‰ 

Haha this video Zach took πŸ˜‰ Mr. Control Freak has a hard time not being the one behind the wheel especially since Kye is a more slow and steady cautious type driver πŸ˜‰

The boys used their fast pass for Space Mountain and the girls headed to wait in line for Mickey. I was hoping to meet Merida but her line was way too long. Character meeting lines are THE WORST and I didn’t want to risk the boys finishing up before we were done. Zach really, really hates lines and I felt like by us girls going ahead and waiting in the longer lines of the day it helped the day flow more smoothly. We cut the wait times down BIG TIME for both Aladdin and meeting Mickey which are two that I know Zach wouldn’t love to wait a long time for πŸ˜‰

Space Mountain is Kye’s fav!

While I wanted to get in line for Mickey, I also wanted to ENJOY the walk there. Why hurry up just to wait? Earlier in the day we had to let a lot of people in front of us for Aladdin! We took our time and enjoyed the walk. We stopped and got some pics and even watched some of a show (which I’m glad Britt got to see as it’s no longer running…”Dream Along with Mickey” has been running since 2006!)

I wanted a pic of Britt holding the balloons but the cast member needed to keep them tight b/c the wind. Britt was still happy as could be though!

As one last surprise for Kye’s birthday I wanted to meet the talking Mickey. Neither of my kids even knew he existed and I had heard he’ll sing “Happy Birthday” so I’m ALL about it! Even with taking our time we still needed to let people in front of us to wait for the boys πŸ™‚ 

The moment she saw Mickey speak for the first time!


Here’s a video of their interaction with Mickey!

I really loved how the whole area was set up. They really encouraged us to take our time with Mickey! I thought it was very smart how the cast member took the kids autograph books prior to them meeting Mickey. That way they were ONLY focused on interacting rather than worrying about getting signatures. The kids are at ages where they really do like to get the signatures (we have a scrapbook they make with the signatures and photos from the character meetings) but I do feel it takes away from the interactions. I think from now on when we meet characters I’m going to hold their books for them (or have Zach do it so I can take pics ha!) and let the character know we have the books for after they interact? I think it’ll help the kids enjoy the moment more!

Originally we had a fast pass for the parade (which they actually just did away with so I guess we’ll never have that experience ha!) but I lost it when we switched everything. We found a good spot SUPER early (so unlike us!) but that way we could eat our dinner. I think it was a smart plan as it made waiting for the parade easier since we were all eating! 

Over picture taking πŸ˜‰

Kye may have been over the photos but Britt was ALL ABOUT THEM. I know I bragged on her earlier but this was my FAVORITE Disney day with Britt yet! I think having Mrs Charlotte there helped her attitude some but I also think the magical age of 4 has been a blessing to Britt (and the rest of us too haha). I’m not suggesting to wait until your child is 4 for their first visit, but for Britt she enjoyed the park the most at this age than she has in the past. She was so much more positive about everything, easier going, and just FUN. I feel like we really bond at Disney…it’s “our place” πŸ˜‰

I love my big girl!!!

Britt wanted to show Kye the balloons πŸ™‚

Aunt Katie did good on this birthday gift for Britt!

What better way to pass the time than a little Main Street USA Dance Show?

I LOVE the electrical parade! When we take Tess for her first visit we will have to let her stay up late one night and go to it. I’ve heard rumors that they may be moving it to Paris and bringing a new parade to WDW. Electrical Parade is my childhood y’all! 

Usually we stay in the same spot on Main Street to watch the fireworks then head out. This time however we saw the earlier showing of the parade and planned to hit up Fantasyland after the fireworks. That meant we got to move CLOSER to the castle for the Celebrate the Magic and Wishes shows! I don’t love big crowds but man being that close was SO COOL. I think I loved it the most out of our group πŸ™‚ I mean hello “Let It Go”? AMAZING! 

It was the first time we were close enough for the kids to actually SEE Tinkerbelle flying overhead! (unfortunately we were also close enough to see the wire and Kye kept announcing it)


Last visit we didn’t ride Peter Pan because the visit prior to that Britt FREAKED OUT about it. I was able to get a fast pass at 8:00 for it so we went straight there after the fireworks show! It felt so weird to still be riding rides when we usually head for the exit πŸ™‚ 

The other thing I saved for the end of the day was Enchanted Tales With Belle. Here is where Touring Plans failed us. It let me put it on my itinerary for 8:30 but it was straight up CLOSED when we got there. I felt SO BAD because Britt LOVES Belle. She had brought her Belle dress to wear and we’d given her an Itty Bitty Belle that morning that she’d been carrying around all day! 

I am SO proud of her. She didn’t shed a SINGLE tear about it. We promised her that next visit Belle will be top priority and she was totally and completely cool about it. Y’all. THAT is some straight up Disney magic right there!!! 

As if Britt’s awesome reaction wasn’t enough…ZACH suggested we hop on IT’S A SMALL WORLD. I mean am I in some alternate universe or something?!?! Who is this man??!?!

Another one of our classic MK pics is attempting to pull the sword from the stone. We weren’t able to take the pics earlier in the day due to a show going on at the stone (which sidenote but I’d like to see someday) so we went by there to snap the pics before leaving!

Added bonus for the night…we got to see the water parade!!! Zach and I saw it on a solo visit we had and it’s one of those fun things I wanted the kids to get to see at some point. It was a GREAT way to end an AMAZING day! I’m SO thankful we switched up our days as the weather was BEAUTIFUL and the heavy crowds didn’t affect us at all! We had an awesome time and Kye had a fantastic birthday celebration (he’s already decided that for his 8th birthday he wants to come back!)

I loved getting some pics of my sweetie back home! Now we are counting down and starting the prep work for HER first visit!!!! SO EXCITED!!!


We knew while there that the crowds were heavier than the level 4 and we weren’t surprised to see the next day that they were an EIGHT!

Zach posted a pic on IG before I even did πŸ™‚ I love that HE loves Disney. He may not love it as much as I do but pretty close πŸ˜‰

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More from Magic Kingdom

You can see Part 1 of our day at Magic Kingdom here! When we got done riding the choo choo it was perfect timing. We got off and ran into the crew that had rode Splash Mountain. They had gotten done a couple minutes before us and happened to check the spot where we saw Woody and Jesse on our last trip to the park. Woody and Jesse were actually THERE! We assumed with the bad weather that we wouldn’t get the opportunity to see any characters. Not only were they there but there was practically no line (a wonderful theme for our day!). 

Waiting his turn

Showing them his Woody shirt

He was pumped for another Jesse kiss…


Haha Jesse wanted to give him a kiss on his hand

Payton’s turn. She’s so precious how she gets shy with the characters, it’s adorable

Colt wanted G-Mama to go with him

The kids with their favorites!

Jordan’s poncho hahahah

Trey and Jolee

After our meet and greet we headed over to Adventure Land. Time for Pirates!!! It’s still Kye’s favorite ride and I wish we would have been able to ride it more than once. But by the time we finished the park later that afternoon the weather was worse so no one (me most of all) wanted to trek across the park to go back to one ride. We plan to ride it multiple times when the three of us go back in September!

Had to have a pirate face picture!

He rode with Big Papa since he wasn’t with us to ride it last year

Time for the Jungle Cruise!

The Jungle Cruise made me a little sad. The ENTIRE ride Kye kept pointing at all the animals and said “is that real?” Like over and over again. I liked that he thought they were real last time! It’s crazy how fast he is growing up and how quickly kids catch on to things like that. I didn’t want to lie to him so, of course, I told him that, no, they were not real. He’s too young to get the fun of the ride (b/c DUH the best part is the sarcastic captains!) and now too old to believe the animals are legit. We’ll for sure ride it again, because it’s a Disney CLASSIC, but it won’t probably be a favorite for a couple more years.

Action shots on the ride

After Jungle Cruise the rain was BAD. We raced over to Tiki Room and took a much needed break from the weather (you still get wet on Jungle Cruise even though it’s covered). We dried out and ate some snacks. Mr. Rusty took a little nap during the Tiki Room show. Kye enjoyed it more this time! Which made me happy as I’m alllll about the Disney original stuff. I love that they changed the show back to the original one too!

Following the Tiki Room a bunch of us rode the Magic Carpets but I passed. I instead hit up the bathroom πŸ™‚ The one thing I really wanted to do during the day was catch the opening show…the one thing Zach really wanted to do was to get another Orange Float like we had last time. You can only get them at one spot in Adventureland so we wanted to make sure to have them! Stupidly we had Mr. Rusty and Trey, I think, go buy them for everyone…when DUH Zach or I should have been the ones to go. When they came back they had some strange orange ice cream and it was not very good. Kye had his only real upset moment of the day…I didn’t know that Colt and Payton were each getting their own ice cream so I figured Kye would just share ours. He was upset not to have his own. Thankfully, I didn’t like that junk so I just gave him mine. Problem solved. Happiness restored πŸ™‚ I’m a firm believer in making Disney a HAPPY experience and try to avoid disciplining at the park when possible!!! We’ve seen plenty of kids have what we call “Disney Meltdowns” and we’d rather not experience that ourselves!

Zach went back to get himself the legit orange float and it was good!!!

While the whole float debacle was going down Courtney, Mrs Charlotte and Payton ran down to where we were told we would possibly be able to meet Ariel. Mrs. Charlotte came back and told us that they were stopping letting people get in the line and wouldn’t reopen it until 3:45. Luckily the lady said she’d let Payton be the last child in the line. Great for Payton…but what about the other kids? I knew Kye would want to meet Ariel too. And you all KNOW my husband will not stand in a princess line for his son so this was a great opportunity for me to see my favorite princess and to let Kye meet her too. I kinda insisted on figuring out a way for us to join in the line and when we got there the girl had no issue with all of us getting in line to meet Ariel! It was about a 45 minute wait. By far the longest we had all day. The girls all stood in line together and the boys all went in a nearby stroller station, that was covered, and enjoyed their ice cream treats and played while we waited. 

It’s always neat when you experience “teachable moments” and we had one while in line. Kye was with me and he wanted to play with the ropes that kept the line organized. I told him no and that it was a bad choice. He noticed another girl up ahead of us who kept playing on them and pointed it out to me. I explained to him how sometimes people make bad choices but that we can be good examples by still doing the right thing in those situations. He was super pumped about being the good example and it made me proud that he understood that concept! 

I LOVE the Disney Princesses (I INSISTED on meeting them all when we went to Disney for my 25th birthday…remember?). They are so sweet and always stay in character. Payton got SUPER shy when it was her turn and Ariel handled it so well. Mrs. Charlotte held Payton and Ariel came to her. Payton’s dress had Ariel on it so they started talking about that then Ariel said “You have legs!!! I just got legs, can you show me how they work?” So perfect! It worked like a charm πŸ™‚

I prefer the mermaid version of Ariel but she was SO nice that she made up for lacking a fin πŸ˜‰

Kye is typically Mr. Outgoing. We have to be careful as he’ll talk to anyone and even will want to go up to people’s tables to talk to them when we go out to eat. He’s never had issues with characters or been afraid or anything. I’m not sure if it was because Ariel is such a beautiful princess or because Payton had been so shy around her, but Kye was so shy! He hid behind me…it was pretty adorable…

We actually talked about it later and explained to Kye that he doesn’t need to be afraid of pretty girls…that those are the best kind to talk to haha

He would NOT go near her!

It’s funny b/c Prince Erik was there too…but we politely asked him to step out of all of our pictures…the kids only wanted Ariel!

She chased him even…too funny

Love this πŸ™‚

Of course the guys all wanted pics with a Disney Princess!

It was AWESOME being the last in line because we could take as long as we wanted, poor Ariel was probably ready for her break!

Watch out Erik!

ALL Disney moments are wonderful and magical and special. However, I think there is always that one moment from any trip to Disney that just MAKES IT. That moment that you always smile when you think about and that you’ll never forget. Our last trip that moment, for me, was when Kye met Jesse and Woody. Seeing his proud smile and excitement melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. It was my Disney Moment. This time it was something very random. After Ariel we headed to Tomorrowland. Zach is a get-where-I’m-going type person so we would get way ahead of everyone else and have to stop and wait a lot. The rain was so bad it was coming sideways. Kye really, really does not like rain. We stopped near the castle to wait on everyone and I went to check on Kye…I expected him to be upset with the weather. To be miserable. Grumpy. Most likely needing a pep-talk from me or a reminder of what rides we were going to be riding. Nope. My child was sitting there with his mouth wide opened attempting to catch the rain. It was just SO cute to me and made me so happy to see him having SO much fun!!! Being soaked to the bone didn’t bother him one bit. πŸ™‚

Our lone Castle Pic from the day which is SAD to me because I LOVE pictures in front of the castle. I hate that Courtney’s fam didn’t get to have any and, really, that we didn’t either. It’s something I think is important to do on EVERY trip to Disney, don’t you? The rain was just too bad to stop and I snapped this one literally on the go!

Buzz being an obvious favorite we decided to ride it first then ride Monsters Inc then Buzz again. We only had a few minute wait but took advantage of the time to DRY OFF. We pulled out the towels and tried our best to at least dry out the kids. Kye had just finished up his strep antibiotics three days prior. I didn’t want him to get sick again!!! (Sidenote: I actually ended up having strep a couple days later! Boo!). 

Wet but happy!

Zach takes Buzz pretty seriously so I rode with Kye both times. He LOVED it. Even more than last time because he’s a little older and understood more what was going on. It was so fun to watch!!!

Courtney and Payton

Our scores…

Next we went over to Monsters Inc Laugh Factory. Another great opportunity to dry out a little. And it’s SO fun. I love how funny it all is and it’s so neat how they incorporate the audience. Everyone enjoyed it and we headed back for our last ride of the day…one more round of Buzz Lightyear!

Our final scores!

Kye told me to take a picture of “Buzz’s Daddy”

When we all exited the ride we saw Brad just bolt. It was funny but he saw Buzz and was on a mission for us to get to meet him. How lucky did we get with all the character meetings?!?! It could NOT have worked out better!!! Literally we had 2 people in front of us in the line!!! 

Waving at Buzz

This Buzz was SO much nicer than the one last time.

Kye told him “I helped you beat Zurg!!!!” He was pumped!

Colt told him the same thing haha

While we waited on everyone at the stroller station Kye and Zach did a rain dance

Trey wanted a castle pic…this is the best we could do!

We did it ALL and battled the weather and still finished up before 4:00!

It was SUCH a successful day at the park!!! I had a GREAT time but I did miss Brittlynn. It was silly because it doesn’t make sense for her to be there, and I knew that. Especially with the rain. Can you imagine dealing with a little baby in that kind of situation?!?! Mema LOVED keeping her at the condo and she was an angel all day. But still. I had a wonderful day but just felt like a little piece of me was missing and that my fun wasn’t complete. Ya know? I was SO happy to see her when we got back! 

We were all starving so we drove through to get early dinner on our way back to the condo. We got Taco Bell and Wendy’s (Casey and Jordan rode with us). I’m not sure where everyone else stopped but we all just grubbed out when we got there. We gave the kids a bath to help them warm up and put on their pjs early to curl up and watch The Little Mermaid.

We fed Britt dinner then just enjoyed hanging out. Brittlynn was being SO SWEET and funny, she was cracking us all up. Colt and Kye are attached at the hip but poor Payton gets left out a lot. It’s SO precious to watch her with Brittlynn. She’s so excited to have a girl cousin and I think they’ll be very close as Britt gets older. Payton adores her and is constantly giving her affection. She didn’t care about the movie one bit because she had her cousin to play with!

G-Mama had gotten each grand baby a prize for the trip…we lined ’em up and told them to close their eyes

Kye thinks if his hands are near his eyes then they are closed πŸ˜‰

Brittlynn got her first Minnie Mouse!!!

The boys each got a Goofy and Payton got Dumbo

Cousins and their Disney prizes!

My babies

I LOVE this. You can tell she loves her G-Mama!

We all stayed and put the kids to bed then the “big kids” (not sure how we still fit into this category?!?!) headed back to the park. It was Courtney, Brad, Jordan, Casey, Trey, Jolee, Zach and I. Truth be told Zach and myself were BEAT. He was just getting over strep like Kye was and I was just starting to feel sick. We’d been in the rain ALL day. We’re also kinda old and lame. We refused to be uncool though and wanted to prove we could still hang so we headed back out into even worse weather. Like it looked like a hurricane. The street lamps were blowing in the wind even! We made a stop on the way to invest in new ponchos for those who had theirs ruined that day then headed back to MK!

I do NOT ride “adult” rides. No roller coasters. Nothing scary. None of the mountains. Thunder Mountain was closed due to the weather…but we hit up Space Mountain first. I stayed in line with everyone then just held all of their ponchos and stuff while they rode. I think they did it three times in a row? When they went to ride Splash Mountain I did a little shopping. I got Brittlynn a birthday present. When they rode it again I decided to check into starting Kye on a Disney Pin collection. I walked down a bit to the best shop at the park for pins (The Trading Post in Adventureland…near Country Bear Jamboree) and learned a LOT about the world of pin trading. I bought him a lanyard, 1 pin to keep and they gave me a starter pin for him to trade when we come back in September. I thought it’d be a fun souvenir to buy each time we go to the park, don’t you? And I LOVE the trading idea! I want to buy him some from Ebay to take with us to trade but I’m a little nervous to make sure I get authentic ones…anyone have any pin tips???

At 10:00 the fireworks went off so we watched them from the store by Splash Mountain (Briar Patch). Courtney and I stayed back while everyone else rode it one more time then we headed to Main Street to GRUB OUT. I told them all I didn’t care how many times they rode the rides as long as we had enough time for me to get a snack πŸ™‚ We rarely buy park food and I thought it’d be fun!

Biggest Cinnamon Roll EVER

Yummmmy chocolate cake and ice cream

Trey got the cinnamon roll, cake and cookies…

Ready to chow down!

When we all planned the trip we decided to do Chef Mickey, Magic Kingdom and those that wanted to stay Monday would also go to Hollywood Studios. We are trying to be smart with our finances and it’s been a tough year financially in a lot of ways so we told everyone in advance that we would not be going to Hollywood Studios with them on Monday. We didn’t think it was smart to spend money on the tickets. We also thought it was best for Zach to get home and get to work that day. It worked out well that we didn’t plan on going since we had Brittlynn with us! That would have been tricky to work out!!! Everyone else checked out of the hotel, did Hollywood Studios then drove straight home. We just didn’t see Kye skipping a nap two days in a row, being that wet for that long (it poured almost the entire time they were at DHS too!), then driving home as being something that we’d really enjoy, especially when it’s over $90 a ticket!!!

I got up super early that morning and happened to see a text from Robyn that she was in labor! I wanted to leave RIGHT THEN but instead I just hurried. I was hoping to make it home before she had the baby but I didn’t. He was born right about the time we were hitting the road. It all worked out as no one waited at the hospital anyway so I didn’t miss too much. It was another reason I was glad we went ahead and came home…I wanted to see that baby!!!

Kye and Brittlynn did pretty good riding home. Kye was content with his breakfast πŸ™‚ Brittlynn didn’t scream as badly as she did on the way there which was a big win for us!

Literally as soon as we walked in the door I nursed Brittlynn then went to the hospital. I looked awful but didn’t care! I wanted to see Robyn and get to meet the baby! I didn’t know his name until I arrived (which all of you know by now…Cooper Bryan Mullican!). It worked out GREAT because Zach worked from home that day so I could spend as long as I wanted to visiting with Robyn, Matt and Cooper!

I’m SO thankful to Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty for taking us all on such a wonderful vacation! It really couldn’t have been better and the kids getting to all experience Disney together was awesome. I hope Mr. Rusty realizes he’s started something now with this…can’t wait till we go back again when Britt is older and when we have more cousins with our future babies and Casey and Jordan’s kids! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Chelley
    July 30, 2012 / 8:31 pm

    Oh, it looks like SO MUCH fun!!! Chris and I have been talking about when we want to do Disney with our kiddos. When we do, I'll definitely be referencing your Disney posts πŸ™‚

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