Monthly Pic Outtakes

When I was taking Brittlynn’s pics for her 9 month post we had a little interruption take place. Kye jumped in the scene and totally wanted to be part of it all. I got lucky to get the cute ones I did of her because it was CRAZY haha. He wanted a TON of pictures of them together and who am I to refuse??? You can see some of the wildness here:

He wore the shirt we made on our trip to school to show his class 😉

Gotta have their “friends”

Trying to give her kisses

I love this 😉

She CRACKS up at him!


Getting him back 😉

She reminds me of my dad in this picture! Her full bottom lip and how her bottom teeth are showing, she may have some Sedgley in her even though she’s missing the big head 😉

You can see her grin even though she’s not looking at the camera


They truly make each day of my life a joy!!! Just thought I’d share some happy kid moments tonight with everyone 😉 Flashback Friday post will be up in the morning so get ready!

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