Monthly Family Recap: March 2019

Our family monthly recap from March 2019. I went back to combining the entire month into one post for this month!

family recap march 2019

Kye finished up basketball season this month. He really loved playing basketball and learned SO much about the sport!

I’m really proud of how hard he worked at learning how to play and how much he practiced at home.

It was so fun watching him on the court and seeing his skills grow and develop throughout the season.

His last regular season game was his BEST. He had this precious moment where he met my eyes and gave me a HUGE grin and it just melted my heart!

His team got to play in two of the playoff games and the first one was on his birthday. He had an awesome game and the team WON!

The last game of the season for his team was the second playoff game and it was tough to watch as Kye did get very upset. It was a learning experience and something he will grow from!

He plans to play again next season and Zach and I both told him if he’d like to put more energy and effort into learning basketball we fully support joining camps and such over the summer, but he needs to be the one to initiate that as we never want to push him in anything.

It makes me SO super proud that Kye is so well rounded. He loves being involved in Student Council and Jr Beta and was eager to do volunteer work this month.

He spent his Saturday morning helping at our local food pantry. A fun detail is that Kye’s gifted teacher was also Zach’s science teacher when he was in school!

Zach and Kye had a fun pizza lunch after his hard work that morning!

Zach and I were able to visit Kye’s gifted class at school and he and his classmates walked us through the process of coding.

They even had a special guest, NFL player Josh Harvey-Clemens there to learn about coding! It was such a special morning and Kye did such a great job!

Here’s a video of Kye introducing the lesson to the guests and his individual presentation.

It was interesting to see him SO NERVOUS when he speaks in front of literally hundreds of people at church without any nerves at all!

This month I was able to attend a field trip with Kye to Pebble Hill Plantation.

It was my favorite field trip EVER! The weather was gorgeous and it was low-key enough that I really felt like I had quality time with Kye but also with his classmates.

It was really a great opportunity to truly know the kids in his class and I was SO thankful I got to go with him! We had a GREAT day!!!

I also pulled a kid aside and had a little chat with him…Kye has come home a bit upset about this certain child and I asked Kye if it was okay if I said something to the child and he said I could.

I didn’t say anything to embarrass him but just had a little talk with the kid about the kind of friend he wants to be and the kind of person he wants to be (I mean yeah I got deep with a 4th grader bahaha).

Another mom there overheard the situation and she ended up talking to her child and finding out that her son also had some hurt feelings from this same kid that Kye did.

I had a long talk with Kye on the way home about how proud I was of him for saying something to me about it and that by him stepping up and saying something that the other child felt more comfortable saying something to his mom too.

We had such a fun day and I cherish these moments with Kye!

Duh snacks on the way home had to happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve had quite a few people on social media comment that Kye looks like “young Kevin” from This Is Us.

I totally see it! And when I showed Kye he was like “WOW we look a lot alike!”

Crossing fingers he ends up looking like adult Kevin too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m sure a lot of y‘all have heard about Caleb Maddix and how his dad had him read books about personal growth and development and had him do reports about them.

And now Caleb Maddix is like a millionaire and a personal growth resource himself!

Zach and I loved the idea of Kye reading books and doing reports. Caleb’s dad paid him $15 for each report…we’re paying $5 (I mean the books ain’t cheap!).

But still, same concept! And Kye really did learn a lot from Keys for Success for Kids. Any other recommendations for another personal growth book for him to read next?

As always what makes us the proudest is seeing Kye be involved at church. This month he lead the congregation during evening services along with the other young men in our church. So proud of this crew!

Dr Seuss Day was this month! I actually have a post with great ideas for celebrating Read Across America Week (you can read it here!)

Britt wore a cute outfit I had gotten from a kids sale and I love that she still poses with her ankle twisted so funny!

Britt was REALLY upset on St Patrick’s Day that none of our family really cared what-so-ever about the holiday.

She wanted to celebrate and do fun St Patrick’s Day things so Zach picked up some special cookies and it made her happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Britt cracks me up with how much she LOVES watching our portable DVD player. She chooses it over watching a movie on the tv!

Here is the portable DVD player we have and the headphones my kids LOVE too!

Britt has been my kid that has struggled the most with Molluscum. We noticed this month that she’s got quite a few spots on her face that look like Molluscum again. Ugh.

We discussed it with the pediatrician and they are actually finding a link to using some sort of reflux medicine for 60 days and apparently it’s clearing up Molluscum.

We got a prescription of it and haven’t started it yet with Britt as I do want to see if it clears up on its own or not. But I’m not against trying it for 60 days! It can’t hurt!

Zach was out of town this month and Britt used filters on my IG to trick daddy into thinking she was wearing makeup. He did NOT like it!!! Ha!

Tess had Donuts with Dad this month at school! It’s so sad that these little events this year are her last ones at preschool!

I love how much Zach loves spending this special time with our kids at these events. She loved showing off her daddy to her class!

I always LOVE these and it’s so sweet how Tessie said “I love him because he shows me how to do things right!”

Tess is doing SO AMAZING at school! Not only academically but especially with her behavior and being a big helper to her teachers.

They do a little fun reward system for having good behavior and Tess earns a reward CONSTANTLY for her good behavior!!!

She is the top earner for this award and I really love that they are encouraging her this way as it’s really helped in her confidence and pride with school!

Even though Tess is doing so well in school she doesn’t love going. Every. Single. Morning. She wakes up grumpy and complaining that she doesn’t want to go to school.

While I LOVE her school, it does frustrate me that they are so quick to send kids home at the slightest sign of illness.

Tess had a cough and they sent her home. For a cough. So of course Tess amped that up and said she was “sick” and it made me nervous to bother sending her the next day. She was ALL about a sick day at home and it lead into a bit of a struggle when she had to go back to school. She constantly says she’s sick and can’t go.

BIG NEWS from this month: I registered my sweet little baby TESS for KINDERGARTEN! (insert tears here).

I truly cannot believe it! I know she’ll do great but it feels TOO SOOON!

As Tess gets older she’s getting sillier and sillier and keeps us laughing!

Tess has such a heart for others and saw a construction worker working and asked if we could stop so she could help him with his job, here’s a video!

I am often asked about Tess sitting rear facing in the car…yes she’s still rear facing! Here’s her thoughts about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kye and Britt had field day this month. I LOVE that they love it but MAN field day is NOT for me haha.

Gimmie all the field trips, but I’ll skip field day ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thankfully it falls on a Friday so Zach is able to stop by and say hey to the kids on his way to the golf course!

When Zach isn’t able to pick up Britt from gymnastics it’s a chance for the remaining three kids and I to run an errand. I say AN errand because that’s usually all we can get done!

Target is usually our place ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also got brave this month and took all four kids to Publix. They are all SO well behaved that going and doing isn’t really a hassle, I just always prefer to go solo. It’s quicker and I enjoy the solo time ๐Ÿ˜‰

We had a fun mommy solo night and hit up some Mexican for dinner! It was SO FUN. I don’t do a ton with the kids out and about yet by myself.

Four is just kinda a lot and with Spear being more like Britt was at this age (high sleep needs) it makes going and doing a little trickier since he relies so heavily on his sleep schedule!

Now that Spear is getting older I’m def excited for summer and all the going and doing fun we’ll have!

It was silly sock day in honor of down syndrome this month and the kids loved rocking their socks!

We had the three oldest kids dentist visit. All of them did great and their teeth look great too!

Britt had one spot they are watching and so far it’s still fine. They feel confident she’ll be my non-braces kid.

Kye’s still are looking great and his gum recession concerns are looking less concerning as well.

It worked out really well that their dentist visit was the same day as Spear’s survival swim graduation.

We are so, so sad that Tiny Bubbles is closing it’s doors and I was so thankful that ALL of my little starfish were able to show their love and appreciation to Ms Margie.

We’re so thankful for all she’s done for keeping our babies safe in the water and creating their LOVE for swimming!

The kids each wrote a thank you note to Ms Margie and I put together a photo frame of each of their graduation pics!

We love you and will miss you Ms Margie!

One last sucker! Each of my kids have enjoyed those reward suckers after their lessons over the years ๐Ÿ™‚

This picture cracks me up. I’ve been doing a workout program (Bikini Body Mommy!) and the kids join in with me from time to time.

Britt is my hardcore workout buddy. She never quits! Spear struggled hahahaha!

St Patrick’s Day green pancakes (the only thing we really did in honor of the holiday!)

These two love doing everything together! It’s so fun seeing them together and forming their deeper bond.

Moo G Clips sent Britt and Tess each a super adorable personalized initial hair clip (leather y‘all! Such great quality) as well as an adorable crown headband for each of them as well. They are ADORABLE and perfect for my princess sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

Randomly I heard a knock on our door. When I answered it was a neighbor warning me to keep the kids inside as they’d seen a snapping turtle crawling across our yard.

Did I keep the kids inside? Nope.

I did the exact opposite haha. I ran to grab the kids to go outside and see it!

It was really cool watching the snapping turtle and following him to the woods. He moved a lot faster than I would have thought a turtle would move!

Here are a couple videos of the turtle: one and two!

I love that my blog has grown over the years, but I will always be the most thankful for the long term readers. My core crew following. The ones who have become true friends!

Gigi has always been a HUGE support of our family and sent the SWEETEST package to the kids this month! Everyone loved their goodies and the girls have especially loved their towel caps ๐Ÿ™‚

March was a wonderful month! We had a blast as a family!


  1. Kelly
    April 10, 2019 / 10:36 pm

    Nice to know Iโ€™m in good company with you in not liking Field Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Carrie
    April 21, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    My youngest had Molluscum and what really helped was just time. We tried the Tagamet which you can get over the counter but the research is very poor. We used it for 3 months without any change, the Molluscum seems to be the same or worse. But her GI doctor ( she has some medical issues) told us that Zantac is not really supposed to be used in kids and told us to discontinue it. So we didnโ€™t try it longer then 3 months. The Molluscum went away as predicted in 18 months. It was awful, she had it on her legs, back, and stomach. We were about to head to a dermatologist for her when it started getting better. I wish I had started with the dermatologist.

    • April 22, 2019 / 7:22 am

      Thank you for sharing this!!! I have the meds but haven’t started them so I think I will just call the dermatologist first!

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