Mommy Brain

Wow. When I was pregnant I wrote a post about how forgetful I became (read it here!). I thought once I became a mom that life would go back to normal. I’d have my awesome memory back! I’ve always been a pro at finding stuff. I’m not saying I have a photographic memory but I can visualize items and where they last were. Well, I used to be able to!

Since having Kye I have what I call “mommy brain.” It sucks. I lose things alllll the time.

Back when my dad visited for my birthday I lost my car keys.We drove home from Mrs. Charlotte’s in MY car so I HAD to have the keys right? I searched everywhere for them and didn’t find them for a MONTH. They were in a corner of one of Kye’s diaper bags!

Then my mom bought Kye a My First Christmas board book that we had on the coffee table as a decoration and as a toy for him to have in the living room. Well one day it went missing. I freaked out because I didn’t want Mom to think we didn’t like it or lost it. I hunted everywhere and left for our ski trip begging Ashley (who house-sit for us) to search everywhere while she stayed at the house. I also had Mrs. Charlotte (who kept Kye) look through all of his stuff hoping it’d turn it. It didn’t. It stayed lost for over two weeks until we went to wrap presents and I found it in the bottom of the big box I had stored Kye’s Christmas gifts in.

The day after we found the Christmas book I realized I couldn’t find my ipod. I hadn’t seen it since we’d gotten home from skiing which had been about a week. Again we looked everywhere. We gave it a couple days and agreed to go through a weeks worth of trash before they picked it up just to make sure I didn’t throw it away. Thankfully we did one more house check before going through the trash! Zach found it mixed in with a bunch of random tote bags.

THIS IS SO ANNOYING!!!! Will it ever go away? Is my brain just at it’s maximum capacity?!? How will I survive with two children? FOUR children? I need some memory meds or something.

Currently we can’t find one of our spatulas. I’m not even bothering to look for it. I know that it’s somewhere in the house and it’ll turn up. Probably somewhere random like Kye’s diaper drawer or something. It seems like something is ALWAYS missing around here now and it’s always my fault. The only thing I hold on to is that we did lose our passports for a SUPER long time and that ended up actually being Zach’s fault (this was back when we first got married but STILL I’m not the only one that’s ever lost anything).

It’s not just stuff either. I forget things to pack all the time too. We got half way to Charlotte’s to drop Kye off for the ski trip and I realized I left his whole supply of breast milk in the freezer at the house and we had to come back to get it. It’s so frustrating. So so so frustrating.

I have started to say a certain phrase that helps me not have to take all the blame though! I now say “do we have everything?” before we go somewhere so that way Zach and I can both think it through! 2 brains are better than one (or at this point I probably can only be considered at having half a brain!).


  1. Danielle
    January 6, 2010 / 7:13 pm

    I wish I could tell you it gets better but for me it hasn't. The best is when Kye will strt moving things and then does not have the words to tell you where he put it…I wrote a blog about it!

  2. Kelly Ford
    January 7, 2010 / 1:32 am

    Scienifically, there is actually a reason for this 🙂 Our brain uses omega 3 fatty acids to form synapses and help us remember stuff (or get it out of memory, so to speak). When we're preggo, our baby needs more of these fatty acids and theres rarely enough in our pre-natal vitamins so baby takes what it needs from mommy (they have a way of always getting what they need leaving us w/ the leftovers. ha!) so we have poor memory function. SO, check out what the recommended dose of omega 3 acids are for a preggo gal and see if you're getting the right amount. And see what the rec. amount is for a non preggo (i cant remember if its different). Then make sure you get enough 🙂 Its basically fish oil! They make pills and sell them cheap at wally world. Oh, and it makes your skin not so dry in the winter. *bonus*

  3. Crissy Megow
    January 7, 2010 / 7:34 pm

    Stevie loves to hide things, so you can imagine how frustrating that can be. She not only loses our things but her things too. I have just learned to "Let go and let God" if things that go missing are that important He will reveal to me where they are, if not then I guess we can live without them. May not be for everybody, but this is how I stay "sane" or "somewhat sane" lol!!

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