MNSSHP: 2016!

Last year Katie, Robyn, Casey and I all went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We had SUCH a blast that we decided to try to make it an annual thing πŸ™‚ Last year went so well in fact, that we basically copied that exact trip this year! You can read about our adventures from last year here!

We got our party tickets for Friday Sept 20th. If you’re ever wanting to do either of the holiday parties at Magic Kingdom (Not So Scary or Very Merry Christmas) the earlier you can get tickets the less crowded it is and the cheaper it’ll be! Especially if you can avoid weekends. With work schedules and such a Friday is the best we can do πŸ™‚ 

Fair warning. This post is about a BILLION pics of us. Selfies, Groupies, etc. Girl’s Trip means a lot of picture taking, duh!

Robyn’s 1st time at Panera! I mean who hasn’t ever had Panera?!!? #lifechanging

Welcome HOME πŸ˜‰

Last year we stayed at All Star Movies Resort and this year we stayed at All Star Music Resort. I’ve said it a billion times but I’ll say it again: I don’t get the appeal of staying on property. Especially in the budget resorts. It was very old, very outdated, and just wasn’t worth the cost. However, for US and our situation it was great. We just had one night, just to literally sleep there, it got us free parking at the park, felt safe, and was dirt cheap split four ways πŸ™‚

We even went with the same bed buddies as last year too!

Sidenote: We all have our sleeping things. I’m a moaner. Deal with it. 

Magic Bands Ready!

Last year was our first time at the Halloween Party so none of us were sure how into it we should get AND some of us get more easily embarrassed than others. Soooo we went pretty basic last year. This year Robyn had the idea of making our own tutus. I will say that if you ever make your own tutu LESS IS MORE. We were so worried about them being too see through that we ended up being pretty dang PUFFY. I saw a TON of girls at the party with homemade tutus and the ones with less material hung a lot better and were still fine for coverage πŸ™‚ 

We got to the room nice and early and had a good couple of hours to take our time getting ready!

Katie saved the day with her red Kylie lip kit (yall, I’m not a lip person but those kits are LEGIT)

(this also may be my new fav pic of us!)

We all picked a Villain 


Queen of Hearts

Cruella Deville

Casey’s reaction to me telling her that she’s bringing the sexy with her costume haha

Sidenote about that: But don’t yall think the choker trend is just not appropriate? Maybe I’m showing my age but when I see a girl in a choker I think slutty. I mean it worked PERFECT for Casey’s look but I just don’t like them in real life. Especially not on little girls! I feel like the college age can pull it off but anyone else? Nope. 

Ursula (props to my husband for spray painting my pitch fork to make it a triton…I also made the crown myself #skills, and aNn Monograms did the awesome letting for my shirts as well as Robyn’s!)


Elevator Selfie!

Asked a random girl to take a pic of us…and asked to see if she knew who we were and she had NO CLUE. 

We had a get together at my house to assemble our tutus and I STILL have glitter all over my dining room floor from Katie’s tulle. She’s the glitter goddess for SURE #worthit

Did my nails black and purple πŸ™‚

On our way!

Bitter not to be in the back seat selfie club.

My bitterness is a yearly thing apparently πŸ˜‰

We got there pretty early (we’d be allowed in at 4) and a tip I have is to get there even earlier than you think you need to. Next time I say we aim to leave room by 3 at latest because parking takes awhile as does bag check!

Video of our arrival (I guess that’s Casey’s “wicked cackle” haha needs work!)

The Evil Ladies have ARRIVED!

This year they lead party guests through a side area. We didn’t enter onto main street. I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not but it was cool to be behind the scenes and in an area that was marked for Cast Members only! We were all given trick or treat bags that already had lots of goodies inside and got to see some cool, themed statues!

Literally right when we walked through the gates of the park the sky shook with thunder. It’s like the Disney Spirits new that our evil selves were there to take OVER!

Had to get castle pics!

Y’all. We all had fun. We all looked cute. But Katie? She OWNED THE NIGHT. I swear every picture of her is just SO cute!!!! We all kept trying to copy her poses and just couldn’t pull ’em off like she did. Girl is meant to rock a tutu haha

Photopass guy was great and took a ton of shots for us!

And he had this weird thing about all of us lining up and making faces. You’re welcome for being the only one going for the evil πŸ˜‰

Kept that free water game on constant flow!

Just like last year we went for using our fast passes for meet and greet opportunities. 

When attending a party you’re allowed to enter at 4 which is three hours to the party actually starting. This means you can book fast passes from 4 – 6:30

Aurora was THE BEST. Probably legit one of the best character interactions I’ve personally been part of. She was SO into it and gave GREAT reactions to Katie!!!

Carousel time!

Video while waiting!

New fav pic with Robyn!

Riding The Little Mermaid

Got to see my main girl Ursula on the ride!

Bring it on Triton. We’ll see who wins this battle!

Cool wall = More Pics!

Casey’s hair was PERFECTION! She used some black spray and it really brought together her whole look! 

We met Ariel and she was SO ANNOYING. Like wouldn’t react to my best Ursula moves at all. LAME Ariel, LAME. 

I think Aurora is my new favorite Disney Princess. 

See what you did Ariel. You ruined us!


Glad Casey got this video of the exchange between us!

Random stranger stopped us and asked to take a pic so DUH we asked her to take one with our phones too πŸ˜‰

Last year we had this plan to eat a HUGE lunch and then not eat legit dinner and it totallllly backfired on us. So this year we researched places to eat prior to going to park and had it planned to stop and eat real food for dinner! We ate at Pinocchio Haus and had seats to watch It’s A Small World (which is Katie’s fav and we also rode that night but it’s a ride I didn’t get good pics on)

It was hilarious because this Cast Member came up to me and was going on and on about how much he loves Ursula and Maleficent and he totally hooked me, Casey, and Katie up with free dessert. Poor Queen of Hearts must have not been a big favorite of his ha!!! 

I love this fountain behind the castle…when you get down low and look up you can see Cinderella wearing her crown!

A rude, lazy girl (Ugh Millennials. Right? Like I can’t believe Zach and I are in that same generation as some of these people!!!) was so LAME about taking a pic for us in front of the castle so we took our own πŸ™‚

Stopped in the Christmas Shop for an ornament! I got a super cool Ursula shoe!

The janitorial staff had a super fun game they played during the party nights…they had bingo cards they carried around and asked for signatures from people dressed as specific characters. 

Casey got asked for her autograph



(you know we made a video of that song!)

We kept our eyes peeled for inspiration for next year. I LOVED these costumes of the step sisters!

I’m in several Disney FB Groups and it’s hilarious how excited people get about being handed this red card. Y’all. It’s just for them to track the wait times for the lines. NOTHING SPECIAL about it!

Jungle Cruise (love that sneaky CM!)

I’ve never seen Jafar so it was cool to spot him!

Casey got the HOOK UP on the free stuff this trip (Yes, I was bitter because last year I was the free food queen). Free churro!

I LOVED how in theme the cast members were for Haunted Mansion!!!!


This lady was outside the ride when we exited and was telling spooky stories 

The #1 thing we were ALL the most pumped for (but Robyn probably the most pumped)…


Y’all. It’s AMAZING. 

Video sharing our love of it

Since Katie’s meeting with Aurora went so fabulously we had this fun goal to meet characters from our movies. Mine with Ariel was a BUST and the line for the actual Queen of Hearts was super long so we met Alice and Mad Hatter again this year. They were great! I’m excited for my kids to hopefully meet them on our trip this week πŸ™‚

The longest wait we had was for Cruella. But SO WORTH IT. 

Character meeting lines are a LOT longer than they look. The characters go on break for 15-20 min every hour I believe. Plus you need to average 5 min wait time per person in front of you. More if it’s a lot of kids and a lot of signature books. 

We got SO LUCKY. We had to wait for one break cycle and were THE LAST people to meet her before her next break cycle. She was amazing. Took her time with us and was SO quick witted! 

I’m trying to remember the joke she told me. I’ve tried to repeat this multiple times and always fail. Guess I’m not a good joke teller haha. I think it was “How many tickles does it take to make Ursula laugh?” “TENTACLES” hahahaha 

She was awesome. It was awesome. I was jealous that Casey got the most awesome outfit AND character meeting!!!

We hit up the Dance Party…usually it’s Incredibles but for this event it was Monsters Inc which was SO FUN!!! This was probably one of our highlights of the night as well! 

Sully dancing video


Katie and Casey are the thrill seekers of the crew so they went on Space Mountain

And Robyn and I shopped around a bit and got some more candy! 

We met them off the ride and this Jafar man was talking it up with Casey so I got a pic of them and didn’t even think that it was possible he was a creeper and that she probably didn’t want a pic with him or for me to encourage him. 


Ready for Laugh Factory!

It was SUPER funny and it was hilarious because the camera went on Robyn during the pre-show. Of the four of us, Robyn would be the one who’d least likely be chosen to be on a large screen so of course she’s who they picked!

Last year we didn’t get to see the shows because it rained pretty much the entire night. This year it didn’t rain at all early on in the night and I totally regretted not going to see the earlier shows. Because OF COURSE it downpoured for the later ones! It was short lived (we went into Monsters Inc) but it was enough rain to cancel the show and to make it so the headless horseman couldn’t be in the parade. I have a MISSION for our halloween party for next year: SEE THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN!

Fireworks show was AMAZING. 

Video 1, Video 2

We did snack runs during the break between the fireworks and the parade. Casey got more free stuff. I mean who can keep track πŸ˜‰

The parade was another favorite memory from the night! We don’t often watch parades when I go on trips with my family and it really made me want to (although I know Zach probably wouldn’t agree) because it was SO FUN. If you get into it and shout out and dance and just make the parade members feel good they give you SO MUCH attention!!! It was awesome!

The Queen of Hearts was all about Robyn!

Parade Video 1

Ok so two awesome things happened during parade. Casey and I were screaming out to everyone, of course, and I was yelling to Peter Pan that I loved him and he looked at me and said “YUCK” haha

BUT Captain Jack made up for it! He told me to come climb up the ladder and join him on his ship πŸ™‚ I’d rather have a pirate over a man-child any day πŸ˜‰

Pirate Parade Video

Parade Video 3

Parade Video 4

Last year we didn’t get to ride Buzz so this year we hit it up before we left the park!

These are prob my fav pics. It was a LONG NIGHT and we were all pretty much hot messes by that point!

Video of the end of the night!

Goodbye for this year!

Ferry Ride!

Our song singings varied from a lot of “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and “Be Prepared”

So of course this brought about new mottos for our night:

Be Prepared ’cause Villians Gotta Vill.

Toss up those V’s 

for villains, duh.

Last year Katie was Belle and the doll that matched her outfit was “hot mess Belle.” Maleficent after 1 am transformed into Hot Mess Belle haha

Hot Mess Ursula joined her πŸ˜‰

We all had to shower so Robyn went first. Which means prank time πŸ˜‰

A little ice in a shower never hurt anyone! 

Katie woke up early and headed down to eat and when Casey and I got up we headed to find her (and COFFEE). It was nice to get to walk around the resort a bit. I def couldn’t stay there for an entire week though! I dunno how families do it!!!

We had original plans of sleeping in then taking our time coming home and stopping to shop etc. Plans had to change and we were up way earlier and had to head on home quicker BUT you still gotta eat right? So we made the most of it and found a Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch. It was PERFECT b/c it’s a fun atmosphere and such good food (and food Zach wouldn’t usually be down for eating)

Robyn’s parking skills πŸ˜‰ I know it’s a thing about women in big vehicles and our inability to park. But y’all I failed my driving test because I couldn’t STRAIGHT IN park a Volkswagen Beetle. Maybe parking is just not in our DNA b/c my van looks like this on the regular!

We’re all looking sleepy but still having fun!

Video 1

Video 2

Crab cakes are my JAM

We also hit up Barnes and Noble because #dealz.


Rest Stop Selfie!

And one last stop for some DQ before home!

One last video Story for the way home!

It’s always funny on any road trip I’ve been on with girls: on the way there the conversations are all light hearted and fun and the way home it’s always way more deep! But those are really the times that you connect on a deeper level and form those tighter bonds!

It was such a great time and I’m just so thankful for awesome friends to make amazing memories with! Counting down for next year!!!

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