Mint Brownie Shakes!!!

I don’t do a whole lot of posts on the blog that are just about Advocare, but today calls for one!  We LOVE Advocare and use products daily in our home. I place a big order every month of all of our favorites and of course two days after I placed our big monthly order I heard about the limited edition shakes they have out right now. As soon as I saw them I knew another order had to happen ASAP before they sell out!

Zach LOVES anything mint and I love anything brownie (I mean who doesn’t?!?!). These look AMAZING and I can’t wait for our four boxes to arrive! I totally would have bought more if I hadn’t already bought a ton of regular chocolate ones last week!!!

We drink a shake every morning for breakfast. It’s the perfect (yummy) way to start the day! They have the perfect protein/carb ratio and only have 220 calories with 26 vitamins and minerals. I blend mine up with my Magic Bullet
and it’s SO delicious!

I have learned a lesson over the years with Advocare….when they say something is a “limited time while supplies last” it means HURRY AND ORDER IT because they sell out QUICK and usually don’t get in any more of the special item. I’m still hoarding my gingerbread snack bars and even some of my orange creamsicle shakes from last year! I’m SURE the mint chocolate brownie ones will be a hit so stock up while you can!

If you are already a member with Advocare then when you sign in to your account and go to “shop” you will see the promo for the shakes. If you’re not a member then I highly recommend joining! I’ve had experiences with a good bit of memberships and Advocare is my favorite by far. It’s a one time $79 cost to join and you get a box of Spark and Slam ($50 value) for joining and then you get 20% off all your purchases, for life. Plus you can work up to a 40% discount! I LOVE ordering our monthly supplies for 40% off! 

If you’re interested in the membership you can learn more and sign up here:

Just wanna get your hands on some shakes? You can order them directly here:

I LOVE that they ship so fast…can’t wait to be testing them out in a few days! 

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