Mini-Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago Robyn invited Kye and I over for a little photo shoot. Her cousin, Gentry, has a photography business (her website is and she was coming up from Tallahassee to get some photos of Lorelai. The timing worked out great as it was the first day I wanted to drop his morning nap and I knew it’d help keep Kye busy 🙂 And it did! He was a little too grumpy and wild for any AMAZING pictures to be taken but really I feel like that day is the day that helped me really drop that nap so it was worth it just for that alone.

Here are my favorites of Lorelai (she’s too cute!):

Both Kye and Lorelai were pretty tough to photograph as they were running wild around Matt’s mom’s house! This toddler age is just tough to get them to stand (forget about sitting) still. For the most part the pictures are just candids of them since they were too crazy to get formal ones of. I’m interested to see how we’ll do for Kye’s 18 month shoot…it’ll be interesting! Here are the ones she took of Kye:

These of him with the flower wouldn’t look half as gay if I hadn’t dressed him in purple! Opps! Let’s just say these are the pictures of him practicing to be on The Bachelor someday and having to hand out roses to the ladies 🙂 

Thanks to Gentry and Robyn for hooking us up and providing Kye with a fun time instead of napping!

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