Merry Christmas – Round One!

Kye had been having some rough nights (post to come) leading up to Christmas so I was a little nervous. He ended up waking up at 6:30 so we went with it and just got him up! It gave us a chance to get some shots of his adorable Christmas pjs Gramma got him!



ho ho ho

 Grubbing out to get pumped for some presents!

Part of the tradition at the Parkers is to get a picture of all the kids before they go out to see what Santa brought for them. They always line up with the youngest one first. How cute is this?!

We said they could go and Payton had to be carried (she’s 7 months old), Colt walked out holding Mrs. Charlotte’s hand and Kye crawled all by himself to check it all out!!! It was precious!

Santa brought Kye a wagon, luggage with his name on it, and a 3 in one sports play center! He was very excited to play with the little basketballs! I know Zach was glad that Santa brought this since it wasn’t really a Mommy type gift to get haha. Here’s a video of a little of the chaos of the morning…

Kye was very interested in what Santa brought Colt too!

After opening Santa we brought in a high chair so Kye could eat his solids and still be part of all the opening. On one of his gifts Mrs. Charlotte wrote “to our butter bean prince” which is so true, this child LOVES him some butter beans!

The timing worked out great! We all go out there at about 6:45ish and had until 8:40 when Kye needed to go down for his nap. I thought that Kye would be pretty fun for Christmas since he’s kinda old but he was even MORE fun than I imagined! He wasn’t really into the opening part, but he LOVED the playing part. He played with pretty much everything we opened and he crawled around to see what Payton and Colt got and played with their stuff too. It was so so so cute.

Before Christmas I had a bunch of his gifts in a big box and he found it and this is the one he pulled out! I was pumped to give it to him…my little book boy!

Payton got a Laugh and Learn table just like Kye’s and he gravitated towards it! That kid just loves his table. He sat there and played with hers while it was still in the box!

opening gifts with Mommy and Daddy


He found Mrs. Charlotte’s gift from us and chewed on it then handed it to her! Can’t you just see the love in her eyes? So sweet!

sharing toys…and pacis?

Colt was so sweet sharing his toys!

Payton on her new horse

Kye’s not to sure about his car

It was AWESOME having Mom there with us!!!

hard to believe we’re parents this year…we still had fun though like kids!

the future hunting man

isn’t this so sweet?

Christmas morning with Big Papa and G-Mama

And don’t even THINK it’s over yet!!! The fun is only just beginning ­čÖé

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