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If you’re married then you know it’s tough to find other married friends. It’s especially tough to find other married friends, with kids, who are Christians. AND what’s even tougher is finding married Christian parents who you, your husband, and your kid(s) all like. I’d say it’s a rare find and Zach and I are very blessed to have that with Seth and Crissy. Zach and Seth have been friends since high school (ever since Seth stole the ball during Zach’s basketball game…it was destiny…) and I was “artsy” enough to be accepted into their little group when Zach and I met 😉

Those of you who know me in person know I’m not a very funny person and I don’t laugh much. I just don’t think many things are laugh-out-loud worthy. I’ll say “that’s funny” but won’t actually laugh. If you want to see me laugh…just get me around Seth and Crissy! We have SUCH a fun time every time we get together and what’s great is that they feel the same way 🙂

We invited them for dinner recently (with all the kids I was cooking for SEVEN ppl…kind of a FEAST!) and enjoyed catching up and watching the kids have a blast!

The coolest guys from Lowndes High Class of 2003 🙂

Doesn’t Crissy look AMAZING? Dang…I need to step up my game!

You know you all want to run out and buy your husbands a sexy yellow shirt

Crissy is about to say “NEELA!!!” (which is so wrong of me to die laughing when my friend disciplines her child…but I can’t help it. Seeing sweet Crissy get mad is hilarious)

SO thankful our husbands were friends so we were able to find each other!!!

(btw I’m wearing my Garden Party Earrings)

I love the person I am when I’m around Seth and Crissy (maybe I’m a chameleon too?). They are so chill and laid back that it allows me to be more relaxed too. I swear every time we hang out I totally lose track of time and I end up getting my kid home late for nap or bedtime or whatever. Needless to say, Kye has a BLAST with Stevie and Neela and doesn’t want the fun to ever end either 🙂

These pictures were in this order on my camera. When I first saw this one I thought “omg cutest pic of Neela EVER!”

Then I saw this one and thought “this looks like a drunken college girl picture” haha

Sweet Titus is SUCH an easy baby

Stevie has “Bieber Fever” and loved showing off her shirt

The kids had a blast ransacking the playroom, living room, and Kye’s room

Don’t get too comfortable kids…this will NOT be allowed when you get older!

I think we may need to worry more about the daddies in the bed together than we do the kids…

Crissy wore her jeggings that night so I could test them out. I honestly don’t hardly ever buy new stuff. Most of the stuff I have is from Christmas and Birthday presents and such. So when a new trend hits (like the jeggings thing) I’m usually a little behind everyone else. Before buying some I figured I’d try hers out. Especially since she swears they make you look thinner (and who doesn’t want that???)

 Pre-jeggings (keep in mind though these are boyfriend fit jeans so they are meant to be baggy)

Jeggings! Um…heck YEAH I’m buying some!!!
What do you think???

An awesome night as usual! I’m SO glad we’re settled in the house now so we can focus our energy on having people over to hang out 🙂

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