Megow Beach Trip {Part 2}

After our morning at the beach we headed back to the condo, ate lunch, then put the kids down for naps. It was SO nice that Crissy and I got some girl time laying out by the pool together. That afternoon we just enjoyed relaxing together and having a seafood FEAST!!!

I LOVE the Stevie action shot ๐Ÿ˜‰

 caught in a girl’s bed haha

We did an early bath because we were WORN OUT (the beach will do that to ya) and figured it’d kill time while getting dinner ready. It def. did do that, even though Kye was ready to get out after like 5 seconds in.

 I promise Crissy DID have on a bathing suit – we’re tight but not that tight!

Seth is a master chef

“Seafood Fest 2011” (STILL get it stuck in my head!)

The dinner was AMAZING. Especially for a pregnant girl who has been craving shrimp like crazy time. I couldn’t get enough of it!!! Seth took over kitchen duties every time we ate and it was so wonderful to just get to sit back and enjoy the kids and my friends without having to be in the kitchen. Crissy is blessed that cooking is one of Seth’s talents and joys! After putting the kids down Zach set a timer for “snack time” and we weren’t allowed to have our snacks until that time. The next morning Zach and Seth set a timer again for that night’s snack time so ALL DAY we kept getting confused on what time it was b/c the only clock was on countdown for snack time. Zach takes his snacks very seriously!!!

Bowl of milk with oreos and chocolate donuts…

 Tripoley and “Magic” tricks!

 Sucking it up…only 4 chips left!

 I told Crissy a theme of our trip should have been “don’t piss of the pregnant girls” Can you tell she might not be overjoyed in this picture?!? You know us pregnant chicks, we can be easily annoyed (and we took turns with it for sure!) haha!

 ugh those glasses

 Seth got used to losing Tripoley ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday morning we decided to skip the beach. We did family pictures that morning (which will be my next post!), enjoyed the pond while Titus napped, then hit up the pool before lunch. The condo was in SUCH a great spot! It was a downstairs unit and had a great view of this little pond with HUGE fish in it. A bridge was practically in the backyard of the condo! The kids all loved feeding the fish, free entertainment is always a blessing right?

Kye doesn’t even own a pair of jean shorts so I think he has on an old pair of Neelas? We just thought they’d be cute all shirtless in jeans!

 Kye was more interested in eating the bread himself than feeding any fish

 giving kisses!

Oh Neela…she may need some kissing lessons someday haha

 walking back and forth to the parking lot…Kye’s very into walking lately. Racing, just in circles, just back and forth…random hobby

While all the kids were playing on the bridge we talked about how there were some really pretty stones on the other side of the pond and how cute of pictures it would make if we got the kids on them. Of course then we talked about how our kids would most likely fall into the water…I said I wasn’t worried about Kye with his survival swimming and all but that I’d hate for it to happen to the girls. Soon after, I ate those words!!! Crissy went inside and the guys came out to help with the kids. I was the only one watching Kye and he was around the side of the bridge, leaning down looking into the pond (standing between the bridge and this pole)

It was one of those slow motion moments where I thought “I need to grab him” but as I went to grab him it was too late and he fell. As a mommy my first instinct was to jump after him to try to get him before he hit the rocks but as a pregnant mom…my second instinct was to protect my unborn child. What would me falling on the rocks help? I knew I could do more harm than good so I basically let out a little yell and watched him tumble down, hit his head and fall in the water. Seth jumped after him and grabbed him and he barely even got wet but it was still pretty traumatic!

the spot where he fell

I don’t typically panic about things, however Crissy came bolting out of the condo (hearing my little yell made her think it was one of her own kids I’m sure!) and I guess they were teasing me but her and Seth made me more freaked out than I’d usually be!!! Talking about rushing him to the hospital and concussions and such!!! With all of Zach’s football back ground (and plenty of his own concussions) I trusted Zach when he checked him out and said he was fine. It’s a story Kye has been VERY proud of…he loves showing off his boo-boos and talking about how he got them “feeding the fishes” when he “fell in the water.”

I spoiled Kye for a little bit (we let them all eat a few donuts! sugar helps wounds right?) then we headed for the pool. It was a very nice family type pool with a cool rock waterfall thing that the kids all loved! Zach and Kye spent a lot of time at it and I watched from a distance. I enjoyed hearing people talk about Kye and say how cute he was and what an amazing swimmer he was. I just listened and didn’t let on he was my kid ๐Ÿ˜‰ Relish in the moment right?

Crissy and Neela swimming it up


Seth and Titus

Jumping in over and over to Daddy!

During naps it was the guys turn to hang out but Zach had some work to do and they ended up just hanging at the condo with us but did play some card games. We finished up the vacation with a night of watching You Tube videos. Zach is on a kick about these Mad TV sketches especially the Deal or No Deal one. I know I’m lame but I just don’t think that stuff is funny! EVERYONE else does though and I’ve heard the jokes about a million times at this point. It was still a fun night though as anytime laughing it up with Seth and Crissy is fun. I also just loved watching Zach with one of his favorite friends…they are SO silly when they get together and it’s so fun to “be a kid again” ๐Ÿ™‚

This last picture totally defines how we were all feeling at the end of the trip! I walked onto the back porch to grab some of the towels and saw Neela sleeping like this in their room!!! Totally crashed with toy horse in hand and a well-read Cinderella book beside her. It was PRICELESS ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Rachael_Copponex
    July 21, 2011 / 3:03 pm

    I think a lot of stuff is funny- but I only cracked a smile when he said "That's your only job" when she dropped the case.

  2. Travis Scott
    July 21, 2011 / 4:45 pm

    Kye eating the bread instead of feeding the fish…JUST LIKE HIS FATHER!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Crissymegow
    July 21, 2011 / 5:17 pm

    Seriously I really think Z is the funniest person in the world!ย  Often, I catch myself just thinking of some of those funny things he said during those late night games,,,,hilarious!ย  must have been the suga high ๐Ÿ™‚

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