Meeting Santa

Last year started many new traditions for the Parker family including a visit to Steel’s to see Santa! I’m always pretty shocked when I look back at old blog entries of Kye b/c I thought all the pictures were so cute (like the one of him meeting Santa last year) and now he’s just SO much cuter!!! Both visits so far Kye has been mega chill. I don’t know if it’s because they have a tv right next to where Santa is sitting or if it’s his way of being shy or what but it’s impossible to get him to smile! At least he doesn’t scream and cry right???

My favorite!

family pics (you can tell Zach loves the new vest huh?)

and I love pairing my Jet Faceted Necklace with my La Coco Brooch!

(isn’t Kye’s face awesome?)


It was great having Gramma there to keep Kye happy AND to let her get a pic with her favorite little man! Isn’t this precious?

If anyone lives in the Valdosta area I HIGHLY recommend going to Steel’s for your Santa pictures next year…they are so laid back and it’s not a rush-rush situation. It’s free and you get to use your own camera to capture as many pictures as you want! Who can beat that???

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