Meeting the Easter Bunny

Last year Kye was VERY young on Easter but Mom and I took him to meet the Easter Bunny at the mall b/c I had to have a picture of it. It’s pretty expensive ($16!!!!) and the bunny was MEGA creepy. And Kye slept the whole time. And I NEVER used the picture for anything! Kinda a waste ya know?

Here’s Kye’s Easter Bunny picture from 2009

Since I wasn’t all too impressed with last years picture I kinda forgot about doing it this year. Then on the Tuesday when Mom was in town I was on Facebook and saw that Liz was taking her kids to meet him! I remembered that I should probably take Kye too but I didn’t really want to. I asked around for some advice and it seemed like most of my friends thought that meeting the Easter Bunny is a “must do.” So we did it! On our way to church Mom and I stopped by the mall so we could get another picture this year. Luckily, the Easter Bunny was much cuter this time around. Unfortunately, Kye wasn’t asleep this year though!!!

While we waited our turn Kye happily looked at the big bunny and smiled at him and everything. Then when it was our turn he seemed okay about it but he wouldn’t let me put him on the bunny’s lap!!! He reached and reached for me and go upset when I tried it. So we ended up having a picture of ME next to the Easter Bunny with Kye on my lap! How dumb!!! I feel like it was such a waste of money as I’ll surely never use this picture! I wasn’t even dressed “Eastery” for it as I didn’t plan to be in the picture!!! Maybe next year we can find somewhere to go other than the Mall?!?

Kye’s Easter Bunny picture 2010

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