Meeting the Easter Bunny

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As parents we all love traditions…but do you have some traditions that you wish you’d never started?!?! So far for me I wish I’d never started doing the whole 4d ultrasound thing. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong. But it’s also expensive and now we have to do it for all our babies. I know it’s impossible to be 100% fair across the board when you have multiple children, but in the areas I can control I’m going to try my best to make things even. So Kye had a 4d ultrasound, Britt had one and the others will as well. Another tradition I’m just not that fond of is meeting the Easter Bunny. Why oh why did I ever start this one?!?! 

The mall bunny is big and creepy. Plus buying the picture is expensive (I know you can just go and use your own camera but I would never feel comfortable doing that. It’s kinda rude…don’t you think? I think as long as ONE person buys the picture it’s fine to take lots of your own, but at least one picture should be purchased. I always invite people to go with us b/c I don’t mind being the one who buys the picture!). But I have taken Kye every year so that means I also have to take Britt…and the next one…and the next one…etc. Yippie. 

I was at the mall on a weeknight with Casey (practicing her makeup for the big day!) and I saw that the Easter Bunny stuff was all set up. It was the week prior to the wedding so it was still March but I figured it’d be smart for me to get it out of the way then. With Kye’s surgery the week after the wedding (and the week prior to Easter) I didn’t want to worry about that in case he was recovering and such. Those of you with multiple kids know what a pain it is to get out of the house. Plus have them dressed all cute! It was a pain but I did it! I told Kye we’d get the bunny pics then we’d run a couple errands and eat Chick-Fil-A at the mall for lunch. We walked in the doors, approached the bunny station, and NO BUNNY. Ridiculous!!!

How do you have all the stuff set up but not have the actual bunny there?!?! I talked to a guy who worked in the mall and he said it’d been set up for a couple weeks but that the bunny wouldn’t be there until the week prior to Easter. Ugh. My luck!!! I was SUPER proud of how well Kye handled it. I had ampted up the bunny pretty big and it was disappointing for him that he wasn’t there but we made a joke about it and everyone we saw while running the errands Kye told them the Easter Bunny was missing 😉

I waited until 11:15 to feed Brittlynn. I find sometimes it’s easier to wait a little bit to feed her as then she’s more hungry and eats better. I ordered our food then fed her while we ate. I was pretty impressed with myself for managing all of this! Since she took longer to eat than Kye did I let him trade in his “toy” for an ice cream. Kept him nice and occupied 🙂 We enjoyed our little lunch together and had fun picking out all the people who “matched” us with their clothing colors 😉

She looks so funny to me peaking out from my hair 😉

We may not have seen the Easter Bunny but we had fun!

Thankfully Kye’s surgery went beautifully and he recovered super mega quickly. I decided to take the kids back to the mall to meet the bunny the Thursday prior to Easter. I invited Crissy and clan but with Olive’s schedule it’s tough to go out (and I get it trust me!!!). I had also invited Courtney since she was out on Spring Break with the kids! They ended up meeting up with us and Brad had off that day too so he came along. It was a super fun morning! First thing, we went straight to that bunny! Kye did great with him 🙂

I got some of Kye solo, some of them together, then some of Britt solo
(I try to do solo pics whenever possible for them)

Britt didn’t mind one bit!

This year’s bunny picture

Colt’s turn

Payton didn’t really trust the bunny…who can blame her?!?!

After the bunny we went to the playground at the mall for the kids to play and so I could feed Britt her bottle. Court did a little shopping so Brad and I hung out and watched the kids. The three of them together is an interesting sight…mega wild!!! I’m interested to see how Kye and Payton do in the same class together next year at school. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about time outs more frequently! 

Around 11:45ish we headed over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It was nice and relaxing (and MUCH easier when I could actually eat my food!!!). This picture is funny as you can tell Colt is being sneaky and taking Kye’s food. I think he ate more of Kye’s fruit than Kye did haha.

Yes, I put her in the same dress as our first attempt 😉

Colt and Payton kept talking about playing some games so on the way out we stopped by this arcade place in the mall. I haven’t ever been there before but they have a bunch of games and stuff you can pay to play. I felt a little awkward letting Kye play on things without paying but we only stayed for a few minutes before heading home in time for naps!

It took two tries but we did have a successful Easter Bunny visit!!! 🙂

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  1. Forddygir
    May 6, 2012 / 2:23 am

    1. Your pics are WAY better (lighting) than their picture2. The tradition should serve the master, not the other way around. So if you've started a tradition that you dont want to continue, DONT! I totally get why you feel the way you do (i fight this urge to do everything the same for each kid, too) but really, the bunny IS creepy 🙂 

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Meeting the Easter Bunny

Links to Amazon are affiliate links.

Last year Kye was VERY young on Easter but Mom and I took him to meet the Easter Bunny at the mall b/c I had to have a picture of it. It’s pretty expensive ($16!!!!) and the bunny was MEGA creepy. And Kye slept the whole time. And I NEVER used the picture for anything! Kinda a waste ya know?

Here’s Kye’s Easter Bunny picture from 2009

Since I wasn’t all too impressed with last years picture I kinda forgot about doing it this year. Then on the Tuesday when Mom was in town I was on Facebook and saw that Liz was taking her kids to meet him! I remembered that I should probably take Kye too but I didn’t really want to. I asked around for some advice and it seemed like most of my friends thought that meeting the Easter Bunny is a “must do.” So we did it! On our way to church Mom and I stopped by the mall so we could get another picture this year. Luckily, the Easter Bunny was much cuter this time around. Unfortunately, Kye wasn’t asleep this year though!!!

While we waited our turn Kye happily looked at the big bunny and smiled at him and everything. Then when it was our turn he seemed okay about it but he wouldn’t let me put him on the bunny’s lap!!! He reached and reached for me and go upset when I tried it. So we ended up having a picture of ME next to the Easter Bunny with Kye on my lap! How dumb!!! I feel like it was such a waste of money as I’ll surely never use this picture! I wasn’t even dressed “Eastery” for it as I didn’t plan to be in the picture!!! Maybe next year we can find somewhere to go other than the Mall?!?

Kye’s Easter Bunny picture 2010

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