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Everyone knows that Zach played football in college. Thanks to that we met so many great friends. Chance and Amy were the “it” couple and they are now married and she’s early on in her pregnancy with a little BOY (I’m loving that everyone is having boys right now…get ’em out of the way so my next one can be a girl ok?). I’m super pumped that she’s blogging (you can read her blog here) and try to encourage all moms-to-be to start up blogs. It’s just such a great way to capture memories and meet new friends. We all learn from each other and I love it 🙂 

Anyway I saw that on her blog Amy did this thing called a “Meet Me Blog Party” as a way to sort of introduce herself to the blogging world and get to know other bloggers too. I thought it might be fun to join in! We could ALL learn a little more about each other and hopefully meet new blog friends so here I go:

Welcome to the Meet Me Blog Party! This is a way for others to get to know me and a way for me to get to view other people’s blogs as well. All you do is tell a little about yourself by posting a few pics for a bio then copy and paste the Q & A part to your blog and fill in your own answers. Come back here and post your link to my page in the comments section so others can view your blog as well 🙂


I’m Emily and I have been married to my husband, Zach, since 2007. We met on a random night in Valdosta and I moved here 3 months after meeting him to never look back! We have one son, Kye, and hope to someday have at least 3 more children to add to the bunch (I’d really, really like to adopt at least 1 after that but Zach’s not quite on board…yet…). I started blogging as a way to keep track of all the things I learned throughout my pregnancy and to share the special moments with my friends and family who don’t live nearby. Now it’s a daily addiction and I’ve made SO many wonderful friends through this as well as learned so many valuable tips as a mommy! I stay home with Kye and am so blessed to have just moved into a new home 🙂

Q & A:

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a stay-at-home mom (insert your profession here)?  


A:  Well, I am the type that plans to do so much in this life. Growing up my passion was writing and I hoped to one day be an author (this counts right?). I’d also love to someday get my real estate license and flip houses. And I’d like to go to cosmology school and learn how to do hair. And I want to be a super involved PTA mom.

Q: What are your hobbies?     


A:  Laying out is by far my favorite…but with the skin cancer risks I’ve got to change that up. Shopping awesome sales, traveling, blogging, picture taking, reading, eating ice cream.                                                      

Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?                 


A: A teacher until my mom became one and I saw how much work it is for so little pay! A vet until I found out they often have to put animals down. When I went to college I decided that my best bet was to get my “MRS” degree and find me a man. Mission accomplished 😉


Q: What are your guilty pleasures?          


A: Ice cream. For SURE. Also reality shows like The Bachelor, Survivor, Big Brother. And I think Facebook is totally a guilty pleasure. I spend way too much time on there!

Q: What is your biggest fear?!        


 A: It used to also be death but I’m getting better about trusting God and looking forward to Heaven. After seeing all the horrible things that happen to so many children my greatest fear now is that something will happen to one of my children or one won’t be born healthy.

Q: When you’re on vacation, where do you like to go?  


 A: Anywhere other than Valdosta 😉 Even just a day trip to Atlanta helps me get rid of that itch to run haha. We like to travel cheap and our favorite thing to do is to have the WHOLE trip planned in advance using TripAdvisor. We love to try out the best local restaurants and find our own special spots each place we visit. We love the adventure for sure!


Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?             


A: Oh so many! Parenting-wise it was from Crissy who introduced me to the Babywise series. Spirituality-wise it was probably from Bryan, my preacher, who said that God doesn’t care if we are happy, He cares about us being Holy. If we are Holy then happiness will follow 🙂 And a quote I read from Jackie Kennedy’s book which is my forever Facebook quote “I don’t want a good life. I want an interesting life. I want to live not just merely exist.” I truly try to live my life by this (as well as my fav quote prior to finding the Jackie O one which was “Good Clothes Open All Doors”).

Q: What do you value most in others?      


A:  That they like me! haha! Seriously I like EVERYONE. The only people I don’t like are the ones that have issues with me first, and even then when they change their minds about me (and they all do eventually!) I’m still down to be friends with them. Zach says I’m a pretty big pushover. I guess he’s probably right! On a serious note though I like people who I can be my 100% un-censored self around!

Q: If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass down to your kids, what would it be?         


A: My raw honesty. I like that I’m not the type of girl that people would walk away from meeting and can only say “oh she was nice.” I have substance and I think that’s rare in today’s world. Also my ability to put myself in others shoes. I’ll never forget our best man (Ryan Cooper) saying that in his toast to us on our wedding day, it meant so much to me and I think it’s pretty true and it does help smooth over lots of situations 🙂

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world….living or dead…who would it be?         


A:  Oh gah I’m such a teenager. My thought jumps to celebrity crushes and Zach wouldn’t like my answer but in that realm my dream lunch date would be with Jeff from Big Brother haha. Living person I know I’d pick Danielle as she really is my best friend. Dead person I’d say my dad’s mom, Pearl, as she passed away when I was only 9 so I never really got to have a good conversation with her and feel like I really knew her.

Now tell us something random about yourself:

If you read this blog already then you probably know more about me than my own family! Some random facts though are:

  • I have a birth mark on my left hip
  • I was born without a sense of smell (my go-to answer)
  • I made Top 25 for the Real World San Diego Season
  • My top 4 teeth are fake and I always had the “Sedgley Split” between my top two teeth until college
  • In high school I’d never wear the same outfit twice in a school year and I still try not to be photographed in the same outfit very often (I know, I’m such a celeb!)

 So that’s that…hopefully you learned something new about me and hopefully you’ll participate too so we can all learn about you! Especially if you read my blog and I don’t even know it – I would love to follow your blog too (I’m decently good at commenting as I know how great it feels when people comment on yours). Anyways just simply post the url in the comment section of my blog so we can read your Meet Me Blog Party post 🙂 Thanks again to Amy for the idea!

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