A Magical Birthday

Back earlier this year I saw an ad that said you can get in free on your birthday at Disney World. I’m all about a deal so Zach and I thought we’d both go to Disney for our birthdays. Well it turns out the deal wasn’t good for water parks and that’s the only one Zach wanted to go to so we didn’t do it for his birthday but I was HARDCORE about doing it for mine!!!

Zach made me a deal…we could go to Disney as long as we didn’t go to Magic Kingdom! He’s been twice with me since we’ve been together and he said that’s enough for awhile. Ugh. I went back and forth deciding between Epcot and MGM but I was so nervous because what if we hated them?!? It was a lot of pressure!!!

The morning of my birthday started off awesome! It was the day of changing the clocks (post to come!) so Kye was up early while I was getting ready in the bathroom. Through the door I could hear him clear as day say “Dada!” OF COURSE on my birthday the kid says DADA and not MAMA but whatever it was precious and I loved that Zach, Ashley, and Mom all got to be there for it! I think one of my favorite moments of the weekend was when all four of us were on the bed in a little circle around Kye just watching him and playing with him. It was precious!

The day only got better when Zach was in the shower and he told me that he thought about it and we could go to Magic Kingdom!!!! I was PUMPED and so was Ashley! The deal with getting in free on your birthday is that you have to show them your drivers license…well…guess what? When I went into my wallet my license was missing! Just my luck! Thankfully Mom brought a copy of my birth certificate for me and we went to Guest Services before the park opened and they still let me in for free…it even ended up saving us $14 b/c we got free parking! Score!

PUMPED for Magic Kingdom!

On the little tram Marta thing to the park we sat next to a nice family and Ashley sat next to the grandpa who was an older man. He was super nice and when we saw them at the park waiting to get in I told them to have a fun time and he was so nice and wished us well too. Zach, I guess, hadn’t ever noticed him on the tram thing but when he saw him he said that he looked like Joe Namath. Ashley said that he was wearing an Alabama shirt and Zach said “OMG it IS Joe Namath!” I guess he’s a super famous old football player??!! Pretty neat! I snapped a picture of him even though Zach didn’t want me too haha

The day seriously couldn’t have gone ANY better. It was amazing! It wasn’t too hot (I didn’t even hardly sweat), we had ZERO lines, and we met FIVE Princesses!!!! I was so so excited about that! Here they all are:

Sleeping Beauty


Bealle (Ashley’s favorite!)

Snow White

Zach pimpin’ Snow White haha

and Ariel!!! My favorite!!!

The longest line we had all day was actually waiting to see Ariel! It took 20 min which was longer than it took for us to ride any of the rides! I don’t know if it was so empty b/c the economy or b/c it’s off season or because it was a Sunday (the park closes at 7 on Sundays) but whatever it was it was awesome!

Even though I feel like Kye is waaaaaay too young to take with us, I did miss him during the day and kept getting excited about the day that he will be able to come! I asked like every parent I saw (which was a million) when they thought a good age was to come! haha. Surprised? Zach and I had thought 5 or 6 would be a good time but actually I was surprised to learn that it’s more like between 2 and 3. While they won’t remember it forever (I don’t remember the MILLION times my mom took us as kids when we lived down there) they will LOVE it because it’s an age where they believe that all of it (the characters and stuff) are real. I hadn’t really thought of that before and it was a good point 🙂 I want my children to love Disney the way I do and to feel like kids every time they go b/c it will remind them of their childhood so I really want to start the tradition young!!! 🙂

One of the awesome things about it being my birthday is that I got to wear a pin that announced it to the world! I got wished Happy Birthday the most I’ve EVER gotten wished it (even including alllll the facebook wall posts haha) and it was so so fun! I loved the attention (as I’m used to Zach hogging it all…) and I loved seeing all the other people who were celebrating their birthdays too! So cool!

They even sang Happy Birthday to me at lunch!

The ONLY negative of the entire day was having to pump. I only did it twice and it worked out well with the day. I ate super fast (as I always do) at lunch and pumped then and then did it again while Zach and Ashley waited in line for Ariel. We brought a cooler and rented a locker and put the milk in there after I pumped. I was SO thankful that it wasn’t crazy crowded b/c it would have stressed me out having to stop enjoying the day to pump but we actually got done with the ENTIRE park by 2:00 so we started going back and riding things again and left at 5:30!

It was sooooooooooo fun and Zach even admitted that he LIKES Magic Kingdom now! (He was just scarred as a child b/c Casey made him ride It’s A Small World over and over and the line was like an hour long). It was the BEST way to spend my birthday I can imagine and I’m so thankful we did it! Zach said it was the most fun he’s ever had at Disney and I think it was probably my favorite time too 🙂 Here are more memories from the day!

We rode Buzz Light Year like 5 times and Z thought he balled out but Ash ended up getting 900,000 points!

Sore thumbs from shooting on Buzz so much

Being kids at the Happiest Place on Earth!



“Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me!”

Scared in the Haunted Mansion


Yup he broke down and rode It’s A Small World haha

When trying to talk Zach into letting me go to Magic Kingdom awhile back I told him that if we went there that I’d ride Splash Mountain. I’ve NEVER gone on Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, or Thunder Railroad. And I never planned on it either! A deal was a deal and I was sooo nervous about doing Splash Mountain. While Ash and Z rode Thunder Railroad I checked out a gift shop (and got Kye a ball that he LOVES!) and started talking to a girl who worked there and she told me that if I rode it she’d buy us the picture of us going down. That sweetened the deal for sure! We headed to the ride and on the walk over I could feel my chest get tighter and tighter. I felt like I was gonna barf. We walked right up to the ride, no wait, and I started crying! I couldn’t help it!!! Laugh all you want but I seriously felt like I was gonna have a mini panic attack! Zach ended up telling me not to ride it (probably b/c he was embarrassed to be married to a 25 year old crying over Splash Mountain haha!). I crossed over and waited and I’m SO glad I did! My chest stayed tight for 10 min (which is a long time) and a worker guy actually came over to check on me (and maybe hit on me too!). He told me the ride is 13 min long and that it has 5 drops. OMG! If I’d gone on that it would have been HORRIBLE!!! I would have had them shut that junk down for sure! I’m never trying that again so when Z and Ash rode Thunder Railroad again I happily waited at the exit with our stuff 🙂

Such a fun day and so sad to leave!


Once we got back Mom and Ashley had to head out that night. I felt so bad that they had to drive after such a long day! I got to see Kye and get Birthday kisses from him before he went to bed! Mom had decorated the condo which was super sweet of her and such a nice surprise! Zach and I enjoyed the night celebrating with some AMAZING pizza! We’re cheap so we always buy Little Caesars but for my bday we got Pizza Hut stuffed crust and omg it was awesome!!!! A great way to end an incredible birthday!!!!


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