Lorelai’s First Birthday Party

On Saturday Zach went down to Gainesville for his guys day with Brandon (post to come!) so I had a Mommy and Kye day! I was SO excited to get to go to Lorelai’s birthday party. Robyn and I actually met through this very blog and have become fast friends and love seeing our little ones grow up together. Lorelai’s birthday is February 5th and Kye’s is March 4th so they are just barely a month apart! I love that L.L. experiences things first so she can be the little guinea pig and I can learn from what Robyn and Matt go through 😉

The party was a hit for sure! They had it at their church and a TON of people showed up! Matt’s mom maid these adorable cakes:



We’ve been friends since August-ish but have NEVER gotten a picture together. Isn’t that surprising seeing as we are both picture taking freaks? I guess when we get our kids together it’s all about them! Finally one together, even if the kids don’t look awesome at least their mommies do 🙂

I learned some valuable tips for Kye’s party (have someone ELSE take pictures as I won’t have time to do it and for sure do some cute party hats!) and it made me even more excited about it! Lorelai had a super cute birthday outfit on and they changed her out of it for the cake eating. I snapped as many as I could for them as I know that’s the BIG deal with a 1st birthday! I had so many good ones that I’m actually going to do a facebook album just of LL’s bday!

gotta love the classic screaming one

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun at a birthday party! Kye and I had a BLAST! It was the first time that he’s gotten a lot of attention from people too. I had him wear a little hat as a last minute decision and boy that thing was a HIT! My mom told me that with my brother she always put him in hats and now I get why…girls always get attention. Lots and lots of attention but boys just don’t. I guess they aren’t as cute or something? But stick a hat on a kid and BAM everyone says how cute he is! I’ve got three more hats coming in the mail as I write this haha!

And for the first time someone complimented his hair too 🙂 I was SUPER proud of how well he behaved. Tons of different people he’d never even met held him and he went to everyone. They had this fun monkey hats sitting around and Kye was too cute playing with them.




 The cake was super yummy and I decided to let Kye try a little. I know it’s a big deal for me! I gave him a little bite of cake and a little bite of ice cream and duh he loved both of them. I’m hoping he’s cute for his cake! I can see him digging in but I can also see him holding back because he’s a pretty calm eater and isn’t really all that messy. I can’t wait to find out though! Here’s a picture of his first bite of something NOT good for him 😉

While I wished Zach could have been there with us I had a SUPER fun time with Robyn, Matt, and all of their family. They are all such loving people! They even took pictures of Kye! I felt so welcomed by them all and like Kye and I just fit right in! I wanted to do all I could to make the day easier for them so I helped clean up a little when it was over and Robyn’s sister watched Kye for me. He had a fun time playing with Lorelai and her cousin, Ben. They were all too cute!



After the party Robyn and Matt invited us to dinner and we went with them and Robyn’s mom, step-dad, sister, nephew, and brother in law to Pizza Hut! I NEVER do stuff like that! I’m such a planned freak but the timing was just perfect (actually pulled in the driveway at 6:58 perfect timing for his bath and bed!) and it worked out great. 

I’m so thankful for this blog and for the friendships it has brought me. It’s such a blessing to have Matt and Robyn (and Lorelai) in our lives and I’m so excited about our friendships and how they will grow in the future! The party was a for SURE success and I hope Kye’s is half as fun as Lorelai’s was!!!


  1. Rachael
    February 10, 2010 / 1:25 pm

    Awww that does look like fun!! LOL at the hat thing he did look adorable! I know what you mean about the cake- I am pretty strict on what Macy eats/drinks, I know some people think that's dumb but whatever…. She was not interested in her cake AT ALL. She didn't even want to touch it HAHA.

  2. Matt and Robyn
    February 11, 2010 / 1:36 am

    Such a cute post! I love it! I'm waiting to do mine until I get pics from my mom and matt's mom and you – I didn't have very many on my camera! I'm so glad that you guys had a blast. We can't wait for Kye's party!I can't believe we only have one pic of the two of us. We so need to do better at that!

  3. Michelle
    February 11, 2010 / 8:16 pm

    This gets me so excited for Kate's first birthday party. By the way, not sure which program is best for the book. I did Kodak because it was easier at the time, but I might try Shutterfly. Let me know how yours goes. Also, check out blogtoprint.com for another option.

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