Lorelai’s 2nd Birthday!

It’s so neat to me that we’ve been friends with the Mullican family long enough to have gone to two birthday parties! At Lorelai’s party last year I tried to help out by taking a bunch of pictures and I did the same this year (you can see more of them on Robyn’s blog entry). Aren’t these invites adorable? The owl theme is mega hot right now for sure!

The plan originally was for Kye and I to spend the night with Robyn the night before the party as the guys were off at an Aflac event (post to come!). Then Kye got the flu and plans changed. I went ahead and went to the party on Sat solo while Kye napped and Zach would decide after his nap if he was well enough to come (after being on meds for 3 days and not having fever he probably wasn’t contagious anyway!). I got there a little early to help finish up any last minute details but everything was already done! It all looked super cute:

Once the party got going we all got a nice surprise when my sweet Kye showed up (with his Daddy of course). He had napped great and seemed well enough to handle it! He was still rather lethargic and not his regular peppy, friendly self but at least he was there right?

 Here’s fun moments from Lorelai’s big day:

grubbing out with Robyn’s mom

 Robyn’s sister, Laura, and her son Ben

 Love Lorelai chowin’ down!

 enjoying her birthday cupcake

 Kye loved the Minnie and Mickey toys!

 present time

 two excellent daddies 🙂

 proud parents!

btw I totally helped Robyn get Stella and Dotted up for the big bash! She’s wearing: soiree studs earrings, chelsea necklace in hematite, clover key necklace, and bardot spiral bangle in silver

 we had to take turns holding the baby…I think he gave Robyn baby fever!

 Me…not-so-much! He was adorable but didn’t make me want one!

 Zach made a new bff in a cute little boy, Grady…

 so there was a LOT of rough housing going on

 and Kye may have been jealous

 yay for good friends! 

I’m also wearing Stella and Dot (duh) and have on the la coco silver chain with the la coco silver pearl strand

 they gave out a cute little picture of Lorelai with her favors…isn’t she adorable?

Thanks again Matt and Robyn for hosting such a fun event! I hope Lorelai had a great second birthday!!!

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